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I looked at dad and can easily say that he is furious. But why? Was it my fault that Mr. Woodwords asked me for a dance? And it was dad who gave him the permission.

They didn't say anything there in the party. After a few hours we thanked the host and left for home.

"May I know what just happened over there?" Juliea yelled at dad as soon as we entered the house.

"I couldn't have said no to him." Dad said as if it is the most obvious thing.

"And what about you?" Juliea glared at me.


"You bloody whore, how can you do this with your own sister. Huh?!" Lahaina shouted on top of her lungs.

"I didn't do anything it was him who aske-" she cut me off.

"He ignored me because of you! You bitch I will kill you! I told you dad, not to take her with us. She failed our plan"

"Don't worry dear we will have more opportunities" dad said and hugged her. He then came to me and said furiously "get lost!".

I ran back to my room and locked it. Why it has to be always me? Why is it always my fault? Why am I always wrong? Am I that bad? I went to my cupboard and took out a photograph of my mom, hugged it and cried my heart out. In all these years of my painful life this is the only thing that gives me solace.

I was wakened up by the ringing of my phone. Without opening my eyes I picked it up and placed it near my ear.

"Hello" I whispered in a sleepy voice.

"Caroline? Is it you?" A manly voice said from the other end. I have heard this voice before but I am too sleepy to think.

"Yes. Who's this?" I asked, still eyes closed.

"Aaron" he said.

"Who Aaron? Do I know you?". There was silence for some time, I was about to hang up when he said.

"It's bad you forgot me so soon. Remember we met yesterday at the party and before that you crashed in my car and threw money at me"

"Mr. Woodwords!" I jerked opened my eyes with that. Why is he calling me and how did he get my number?

"So you remember" he said.

" did you get my number?" I asked sitting up on my bed.

"I have resources" he said casually.

Yeah! Of course! Rich people!

"W..Why did you call?" I asked slowly.

"You said yesterday that you are jobless since I bought up your cafe" he stated.

Not just the cafe Mr. you bought up the entire area!


"I have a job for you".

"Why? You're offering job to everyone who are now jobless because of you?" I asked sincerely.


"Then why me? And I have my dad's company to work in, why will I work somewhere else?" I wanted to accept the job because I really don't want to work with Juliea but after what happened yesterday, I can't accept.

"Fine. You can call me if you change your mind." He said and hung up.

Aaron Woodwords, the most successful businessman called me to offer a job himself and I rejected. This is the stupidest thing anyone could ever do. But do I have a choice?

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