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Our car stopped outside the venue. The entrance was all crowded by photographers and journalists of different news channels. Lahaina got out of the car and then looked at me.

I don't want to go out. How am I gonna do this, walk in front of so many people. What if I slip and fall? I can't make a fool of myself and dad over here.

I got out of the car too and followed Lahaina as she started moving towards the entrance. I walked carefully not to fall on my face and finally, I did it.

The place was crowded by many people. The women dressed in beautiful dresses and gowns were moving around with so much grace. I really don't belong here.

"There you are" dad said coming towards us and hugged Lahaina. Juliea and uncle Max followed him.

"How are you Caro?" Uncle Max said placing a hand on my head.

"Good. It's so good to see you after so many years" I smiled back at him. Max is dad's old friend. I know him since I was just 3. He is a very compassionate man and loves me dearly.

Dad started talking to him about business while Lahaina and Juliea were busy criticizing and making fun of women and their dresses.

"I'll go and talk to David about the deal" Uncle Max told dad and left after a hand shake. As soon as Max left Lahaina turned to dad and started asking about their prey for tonight.

"Dad where is he?" She said.

"Must be here" Dad spoke turning and searching for someone. "There" he said referring to a man talking to a group of people. His back was turned towards us so I couldn't see his face but I know it must be the man. Aaron Woodwords. He had broad shoulders and was wearing a black Armani suit.

"Come here" Dad said and started walking towards the man and Juliea followed him. Lahaina held my hand and said slowly.

"You just wait and watch how I'm gonna make him get on his knees for me, after all I don't have any competition over here".

Then she grabbed my hand and we both went and stood beside dad. Seeing us coming,  dad turned to the man talking to others, "Mr. Woodwords" he said nervously. It's the first time I have ever seen my dad nervous.

The man turned around and....

What the hell???!!!!!

This was the last thing I expected. It was him. The man on whom I threw money the previous day outside the jewelry shop. I threw money on his face! On a multi-billionaire!! On the Aaron Woodwords!!!

He turned around and greeted my father. Lahaina moved forward and shook hands with him flirting a little. He didn't see me yet, I have to leave before he sees me. As I was about to turn and leave dad spoke up.

"Mr. Woodwords, here's my wife, Juliea and these are my daughters, Lahaina and Caroline" he introduced us.

He frowned seeing me but quickly covered it up and put forward his hand for a handshake.

"Pleasure meeting you, Ms. Caroline Marshall" he said with clenched teeth.

I was shivering out of fear. What if he tells dad all that happened, dad will probably hang me to death. Gaining courage I put my hand forward too and shook his hand

"N..nice m..meeting you t..too. Mr. W..woo..Woodwords" I said stammering.

He kept on staring me for a while and then Lahaina interrupted "Mr. Woodwords, may we have a drink" she said in a sultry tone.

He looked and her and then again at me, giving me a death glare he said "May we have a dance, Ms. Marshall".

Oh no no no! Should I say no? Of course. I turned to look at dad, dad just stared at me confused while Lahaina was shocked. The man literally ignored her. When I didn't answer he looked at dad and dad nodded nervously.

He took my hand in his large, warm ones and started moving towards the dance floor. A slow music was playing in the background, he placed his hand on my waist and started swaying to the music. I shivered with his touch. What have I done?

He didn't say anything for 2-3 minutes, we just moved with the music. He was staring me all the while. I turned my head to look in dad's direction, he was standing there confused while Lahaina and Juliea were fuming because of anger.

"I tried searching for you" he said in a silky voice.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Do you really think that I will let anyone who threw money on my face go away so easily?" He said in a calm tone.

"I..I really wanted to apologize for that day Mr. Woodwords. I didn't mean to...." he cut me off.

"You didn't mean to break my car or you didn't mean to throw money on my face?" He asked emphasizing the last five words.

"I'm really sorry for yesterday. Will you tell my dad?" I asked and then regretted it. I myself gave him an idea even if he didn't want to before he will definitely now.

"What if I do?" He said raising his brows.

"No please don't. Please. I am apologizing. Please" I begged him.

"I'll see" he said with a smirk.

"By the way, the money you threw on me was not sufficient for the harm you caused" he said. Was he teasing me?

We danced slowly when he again spoke "you work with your father?"

It was then when I remembered that I have lost my job. "No. I used to work in a cafe" I replied.

"Used to?" He asked.

"Yeah. The area you bought up today was where the cafe was so..." I said looking at him. He is really the most handsome man I have ever seen.

"Oh" he said.

The song ended and he walked me back to where dad was standing. Lahaina glared at me angrily as if she will kill me any moment. Mr Woodwords nodded to my dad and as Lahaina moved towards him he excused himself and went back in the crowd.

I turned to face dad. Oh no! I'm dead!


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