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**** AARON'S POV ****

I looked at my watch for the umpteenth time today. It's been just a few hours that I came to my office, but it feels like I've been here since forever.

Picking up another file from the desk, I tried to read it but the words made no sense. I threw it back on the desk and closed my eyes.

"Come in" I ordered, as I heard a knock on my cabin door. Carter entered, with a bundle of files in his hand and kept them on my desk.

"What are these?" I asked.

"Sir, the deal for which we all were working so hard since the past few days is finalized. Here are the papers, you just need to sign them" he said, proudly.

If he had said it some other day or time, I would have appreciated him, but not today. I'm not interested in anything at this moment.

"Fine. You may leave". He seemed a bit shocked hearing my tone but not having any other option, he nodded his head and turned to leave.

"Actually, wait" I said, stopping him in his tracks by my words, "cancel all my meeting for today and if anything important comes up, just message it to me".

"Okay, sir" he said.

I stood up from my chair, picked up my coat, that was draped around the chair, and walked towards the building's exit.

Sitting inside my car, I told the chauffeur to drive back home.

I didn't do any work today, just sat inside my cabin the entire day and worry about her. I knew this was going to happen, so, in the morning, I decided to take a day off but she forced me to go to my office and not neglect my work because of her.

Caroline is pregnant and today, in the morning, she was feeling very uneasy. I took her to the doctor immediately where the doc informed, that she just need to rest and eat more.

Though, I've asked Nina and other people working in the house to take special care of her, but I don't trust anyone, not even Caroline herself, when it comes to her health.

As the car stopped outside our house, I quickly got out and walked towards our bedroom with long strides.

Caroline wasn't there, neither she was inside the bathroom. I sighed and walked downstairs, towards her studio.

She has another one of her exhibition the following week and she's been working very hard for it. I strictly ordered her not to move out of the bedroom and take rest, but she never listens.

Reaching her studio, I stopped as I saw her working on the canvas. Her hands were covered in paint and her hair was tied up in a bun, supported by two paintbrushes.

I leaned on the wall and smiled seeing her work on another one of her masterpiece. I had no interest in art earlier, but this woman made me fall for everything she loves. Now, I love art. I love to just stare at her, when she is so engrossed in her art work that she doesn't even realize, I'm looking at her.

I moved towards her and hugged her from behind, my hands encircling her 3 month old baby bump.

"Oh God, Aaron. You scared me" she said but leaned onto me, the next moment.

"You know, you should be taking rest at this time" I said, removing the paintbrushes from her hair, making them fall around her face.

"I'm fine now, don't worry. I was really bored, just lying there and doing nothing, so I decided to complete this painting. Remember I have this exhibition the next week" she tried to convince me.

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