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"What the hell did you do to my car?!" Came an angry roar from behind.

Holy Crap!
What are you going to do Caroline?!

I turned to face my death and there he was. A man dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, with a white shirt and a navy blue tie. He had chiseled jawline with green eyes and black hair. The man had an aura of authority around him.

"I'm sorry. I was just parking my car and didn't realize...." he snubbed me.

"Why were you even driving when you don't know how to use the damn thing?" He said pointing towards my car. He was angry. Really very angry. I crashed my car in his extremely rich one, of course he will be angry.

"I'm saying I'm sorry. It was unintentional and...." he snubbed me again.

"...and you saying sorry can repair my car? Can it?" He said glaring me.

I looked here and there to calm myself down. Not a good time to show your anger Caroline. Calm down!

Just then something caught my eye. How can I forget that even my car would have been hit in the process. I bent towards my car to have a better look, it had a huge dent with the few scratches and the back lights were in the same condition as it were of the man's car.

Oh no! Dad will kill me for this. What am I gonna say to him?

"Oh now you see it" the car owner spoke looking at my car.

I need to get it repaired before dad, Juliea or Lahaina see it.

"See even my car is...." Again. What is wrong with him?

"Your car and my car has a huge difference and since you caused it you deserve it" he said with a smirk.

"Listen... I've been trying to apologize to you since the very start of this argument but you're not even giving me a chance. It was my fault and I'm saying sorry. Isn't that enough?" I said trying to end the topic.

"Really? You think that's enough. Just apologizing for your deeds? Do you even know the cost of this car? And the cost for repairing this car?"

"Since you have such an expensive car, and you yourself seem to be rich enough, then I think you must be having the money to get your car repaired" I said. I am about to lose it. If this continues for some more time I know I will do something that I'm gonna regret later.

I really am sorry for doing this but then I don't have that much money to give to him. The only money I have right now is Juliea's for her daughter's jewelry.

"At first you crash my car, and then you have the audacity to speak to me in this manner. Do you even know who I am?" He said furiously.

That is another reason why I hate rich people.

"No I don't and even don't want to. I have to leave now and get my car repaired. Bye" I snapped and started to go back to my car.

"What about my car? Who will get it repaired?" He said raising his brows.

"You?" I said in an obvious tone.

"No. You will get it done for me. I don't pay for other's mistakes."

"Listen Mr.... whatever, I'm not going to get it done for you" I was already getting late and I crashed my father's car and I have to get it repaired and yeah jewelry, I just forgot about them.

"Yes, you will"

I ignored him and started moving towards my car. I was about to open the door and enter when a hand on my arm stopped me. He turned me around with a jerk "Take my car with....."

Before he could finish his sentence, I took out the bundle of cash that Juliea had given me earlier in the cafe and literally threw it on his face.

"Here. Have this and get it repaired for yourself" I said with all the anger I felt towards him.

He just stared at me in maybe disbelief and horror, I turned on my heels, got in my car and left.

After a drive of almost 1 km I stopped my car. What have I done. This is not me. I never get angry and never to this extent. I shouldn't have done that. I was wrong, I crashed his car, he had all the rights to be angry. I don't know what got into me at that time.

I placed my head on the steering wheel. I forgot to pick up the jewelry, I scratched my dad's car, I scratched someone else's car, I got into an argument and I threw money on his face for something that was my fault! Tears rolled down my eyes thinking of my behavior. Dad's right, it's always my mistake, I am always the one who is wrong. I deserve this life.

I slowly drove to my house, Juliea and Lahaina were already there, sitting in the small garden sipping tea. As soon as they saw me, Lahaina rushed towards me.

"Hey you came. Where's my jewelry?" She said standing in front of me. When I didn't reply she got in the car to check for it. Juliea came there too.

"Where the hell is the jewelry?" She shouted coming out of the car "... and where did you get the dents and scratches on dad's car from?" She gasped.

I kept mum, ran upstairs and closed myself in my room while Juliea kept on shouting and cursing me.


"Caroline! Come down, now!"

I was awakened by my father's angry voice. I didn't realize i had drifted off to sleep.Juliea and Lahaina must have told him everything.

I hurriedly got up, wiping my dry tears off my face as I went downstairs.

"What the f***ing hell were you doing with my car? And where are Lahaina's jewelry?" Dad said furiously while both the woman smirked.

"Dad I... f..forgot"

"And what about the car?"

" was a a..c..cident" I stammered.

He took two-step towards me and slapped me.

"From now on you are not going to take my car anywhere and you're not getting your dinner tonight. Just starve and die!" He said and again slapped me. He left the room with Lahaina following him. Juliea was smiling seeing me and said

"Where is the money I gave you?" She asked.

"I don't h..have" I whispered in between my sobs.

"What? You don't have it? You filthy whore! What did you do with my money!" She came towards me and grabbed my hair , pulling it to make me look into her eyes. I closed my eyes because of the pain it caused and she pushed me back, making me fall on the ground.

I cried sitting there the entire night. My cheek hurts, my head is pounding, my eyes were swollen because of the crying and I was broken. Broken beyond repair.

Why am I even alive.
I wish I was dead, maybe death won't hurt this much.
I want to die.
I want to sleep, forever.


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I feel bad for Caroline. And I wish everything gets goody, goody for her soon.


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