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As Aaron's car vanished in the darkness of the night I thought about my evening with him. It was my first date and I loved every moment of it. I wish I could spend some more time with him....

Hold on Caro. What the hell are you even thinking? Remember you promised yourself not to do the same mistake your mom did?

Yeah, I know but there is something in him that draws me closer, I don't know how, or why, but maybe I like him.

The front door burst open and in came a very angry step sister, followed by my step mom and dad. Lahaina was fuming in anger, her face turned red, she saw me standing there but ignored and yelled "you said he'll be there!"

"He was supposed to be there, I don't know why he didn't turn up, you even talked to Ethan so don't overreact" dad tried to calm her down.

"It was me who spent hours in getting ready for him, not you" she shouted throwing her hands up in the air.

Is there any possibility they are talking of the same 'him' I'm thinking him to be?

"Don't talk to me like that girl" dad raised his voice giving her a death glare.

"Shut the hell up! If you really want his money, it's important for me to meet him. If I back out, you're done!" she snapped back at him.

"Lahaina, sweetheart, Aaron must have been busy somewhere and your dad told you he already had a talk with Ethan, don't worry, he's all yours" she said and dragged Lahaina with her to her room.

Yeah, they were talking of the same 'him'.

When the drama finally ceased dad looked at me with a strange expression, I realized I was still in my sundress. "Don't tell me you were whoring out again". I am used to all this now, it does hurt every time he calls me something like this but it doesn't surprise me anymore.

"It was Nadia's birthday, she invited me" I lied, remembering her words from earlier, for the first time in these years.

"Don't you dare step out without my knowledge, I don't want others to know I have a slut of a daughter" he said in disgust and went from there.

My eyes got filled with tears but I forced myself not to cry. I was so happy when Aaron dropped me home and he spoiled it all, why can't he see me happy, even if that happiness is the rarest thing for me? I sighed and went back to my room.

The next morning I got up early and cooked breakfast for everyone. As I sat down to have it with them, I realized it was all very tensed between dad and Lahaina. Usually she is taking to Juliea or dad but today she was completely silent, dad even passed few glares at her. Who was responsible for this? No, it is not Aaron. It's me.

It's because of me he didn't go to the party, and how can I forget the thing between Lahaina and him, it's wrong to even like him knowing she and Aaron may get engaged soon if my assumptions are right.

I decided to spent my day roaming around the city. I love to travel but I'm not allowed to go out of town, dad or Lahaina never take me with them. I can't go out anywhere but I can definitely move around the city. I called Nadia and she agreed instantly.

We first went to a library, my heaven, and spent the major part of the day there, then we went to an art gallery, it was a surprise from Nadia for me. I love to paint, I can probably just spend my entire life painting my imaginations on a canvas, but dad doesn't like it. Once he saw me and mom painting, he got furious and beat mom like a beast, according to him it's all useless and mom should not encourage me to do what is not approved by him.

The paintings were beautiful, many people don't appreciate art, or those who do, don't really know what it really is or means, but I can feel the imaginations and thoughts of the painter, seeing these, while he/she painted it. There were some which Nadia couldn't understand so I told her about them and she really seemed fascinated by it.

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