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**** CAROLINE'S POV ****

"Done! Now you can look" Nadia said, making me turn to look at the mirror.

Since the last 2 hours, I'm sitting on a chair, while Nadia is doing her 'Nadia Magic', as she puts it, on me. I was not sure when she said she'll be able to do the perfect bridal makeup for me but when I finally turned towards the mirror, I was shocked. She had really done an amazing work.

My hairs were tied up in a beautiful loose bun, with a few strands of hairs falling out of it. She had applied perfect amount of makeup on my eyes and face, and my skin looked flawless.

"Wow Nadia. From where did you learn this?" I asked, turning sideways to look at myself from every angle.

"This is Nadia's magic love" she chuckled, picking up the veil from the small table and adjusting it on my head.

"Yeah of course" I rolled my eyes and Nadia repeated my act.

Today is the day, my wedding day and I can't express my happiness in form of words. This was all a new feeling, it was strange and at the same time ridiculously beautiful.

It all felt perfect. Though I know my life and this day will be far from perfection but still it felt perfect. Imperfectly perfect.

I wish mom was here too, to see this day, to be with me, to hold my hand when I walk down the aisle, to hug me and tell me that my future will bring lots of happiness and to watch me with tears of joy in her eyes when I take my vows with the man I love. Her presence would have made this day just more perfect. I wish she was here.

"Now don't you dare cry and spoil my hardwork!" Nadia snapped making me come out of my thoughts.

"And..." she said adjusting my dress for the last time then holding my hand and pulling me out of the room "if we don't reach there soon... well, I leave it for you to complete".

I walked slowly toward dad's room, taking each step carefully, as the dress I was wearing was too heavy and too long. Just hope that I don't fall and create a scene!

Nadia stopped and stood aside with her arms folded across her chest and a bored expression on her face "you go, I'm good here".

I smiled and shook my head, before opening the door. Dad was sitting on the couch, looking keenly at the laptop on his lap.

"Dad... it's time to go" I said when he didn't realized my presence.

"Caro!" He said smiling, looking at me for a split second before turning his head back to the screen. "I'm sorry dear, but I have this really important meeting in a few minutes. If I leave this I'll loose hundred thousands of dollars".

I looked at him in disbelief, as he focused on the laptop screen and ignored my presence. "So you mean, you will attend this meeting and not my wedding".

"This is important Caro. I didn't knew about it earlier, Lahaina called me a few minutes ago to inform she had fixed this meeting. These are really important people, I just can't take any risks and moreover you will have your mother and sister there with you" he said sweetly, not even turning his head towards me.

"Thank you" I said with a straight face and moved out of his room. I should have guessed it, everything was just too good to be true. Lahaina arranged this meeting and now he will miss my wedding day for a meeting.

Very well. They even spoiled my wedding day.

"What happened?" Nadia asked, looking behind me and then frowning when she didn't saw dad walk out.

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