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The drive, to wherever he was taking me was in silence. Aaron focused on driving, cutting off the car through heavy traffic while I looked outside the street lamps lighting up the road. There were times when I felt him staring at me but whenever I turned to look his eyes were on the road ahead.

He stopped the car outside a very expensive looking Italian restaurant, I never visited here but have heard of people booking months before for a single table.

Aaron stepped out, came to my side and opened the door for me like a true gentleman. As I moved out a man came and took the keys from Aaron for parking his car. Aaron placed his hand on my waist and started moving inside when I stopped him.

"We won't get a table here that easily, I've heard.." he cut me off.

"We can't say that without trying, can we?" He raised his brows.

"I just know we won't, let's go somewhere else" I tried to convince him. I didn't want him to take me to a place this rich. I know he is a multi billionaire, he is filthy rich but I would have enjoyed if he took me to a small cozy restaurant as well.

"It's okay dear, let's see if we find a table in there" He smiled and took me in. I looked around as we entered and suddenly felt out of place. Everyone was dressed so elegantly, women wearing expensive gowns and dresses while I was wearing just a simple sundress. Aaron sensed my uneasiness and gave an assuring look.

A man dressed in a nice suit came to Aaron and greeted him, he then turned to me and gave a slight nod. It seemed Aaron comes here often and probably knows this man since a long time. He showed us our table and excused himself.

"See, we got a table" Aaron half smiled looking at me.

"It seems you know that man quite well" I said not sure of what to talk.

"Yeah, he's the manager over here and a friend of mine". Just then a waiter in his late twenties came to take our orders.

"You look beautiful miss" he said in a flirty tone. I don't know why but it felt very awkward. Aaron cleared his throat grabbing the waiter's attention. He gave a nod to Aaron and asked for our orders. I was not sure of what to order so Aaron did it for me.

"One Bartolo Mascarello Canubbi, some Zucchini and onion frittata for me and some fennel gratin for the lady"

I've never heard of these names before, I just hope it tastes good. The waiter, before leaving, turned to me and gave a strange smile, then left to bring our food.

I sat there looking anywhere but Aaron. I was not used to going out with men and having dinner, the only men I usually go out with are dad and Dylan, but they don't count do they?

It was after some time when I realized we were seated much away from other people. I was about to ask Aaron when I noticed he was staring at me. Even though he saw I noticed him he didn't move away his eyes, I shifted awkwardly under his gaze as he continued to look at me without blinking his eye.

I looked down at my hands on my lap to hide the blush that crept on my cheeks. I was not used to this, all my life I've heard my family calling me ugly and a disgrace but today the way he was looking at me make me feel... beautiful.

The same waiter came back with our orders and placed them on the table, Aaron finally looked away, then the man opened the wine bottle and poured it in two glasses. Turning towards me he looked at me from head to toe and smirked.

"Derik, you're fired" Aaron snapped. The waiter looked at him in horror but left with a nod when Aaron gave him a get-the-hell-outta-here glare.

"Hey you can't do that, I know he was a bit creepy but it's his job, and you can't fire him" I tried to defend the poor man.

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