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"Where do you want to have lunch?" Aaron asked tiling his head towards me.

"I get to choose the place?" I smiled at him. I had thought he will again take me to some big expensive restaurant where I'll feel from a different world.

"You choose the place" he smiled back.

"Okay then" As he drove, I directed him the route to my favourite eating place.

It was a small burger shop, where I used to come daily with mom when I was young. I remember how I used to love those burgers and would cry really badly if mum wouldn't take me here.

Aaron seemed a bit uncomfortable or probably shocked that I brought him to a small little place like this but after a few minutes, he went back to normal.

I took his hand and pulled him inside, there was not much of a crowd and people were enjoying eating their delicious food and chatting. We sat on the table at the left corner as Aaron didn't want to sit among the crowd.

Typical billionaire!

"Are you sure you wanna eat here?" He asked with a frown, looking around the place.

"Yes" I stated confidently, making him realise I'm not changing my mind.

"I won't let you choose next time" he said looking me in the eyes and I giggled.

A boy came to take our orders, and I ordered, my favourite cheese burger and some french fries, for both me and Aaron. Till our orders came Aaron told me about his dad and mom and that his mother was no more. He became quite sad while talking about his mother which clearly showed how much he missed her. I can feel his pain as I know how bad it is to not have your mother by your side.

As the boy came back with our orders, I picked up my burger and took a big bite from it, devouring the heavenly taste. I looked up at Aaron and he was sitting there staring at me.

"Eat it. You'll like it" I said, gulping my food and gesturing him to have his lunch.

He picked it up with an odd expression and ate it, his expressions changed and I'm immediately knew he liked it. Who wouldn't?

After our lunch Aaron paid the bill and we set off to meet his father whom I am not much excited to meet.

We stopped outside a big mansion, I didn't look around much as I was very nervous and moved inside with Aaron holding my hand with an amused look. He thinks I am crazy that I'm afraid of meeting his dad.

I walked behind him, holding his hand tightly for courage, isn't it normal to be nervous when you're gonna be meeting your future father-in-law?

Aaron stopped in front of a door and turned towards me.

"Can't we skip it?" I asked with a little hope.

"It's okay Caroline. I'll be there with you" He said with a chuckle and opened the door.

The room was an office, it was quite big with bookshelves all around, a set of couches on the right corner and a big desk where Aaron's father was reading some files.

As soon as he saw us, he smiled and came towards me, taking my hand in his and placing a kiss on my knuckles.

"How have you been young lady?" He asked and guided us towards the couches. I sat with Aaron next to me while his father sat on our right.

The first and the only time I met him was at home when he and dad were talking of Lahaina's and Aaron's marriage. Oh this is so awkward.

"I've been good" I replied with a smile.

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