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**** AARON'S POV ****

I looked out from the balcony of my suite, not watching anything in particular but lost in my thoughts.

After having dinner, I was standing here with a glass of my favorite wine while Caroline was in her room, checking out all the stuff we had bought today.

Back in that shop where we bought it all, she didn't noticed the amount of bags we had but when they were sent to our room she saw it and almost freaked out.

"That is way too much Aaron. I'm never ever going shopping with you again" she had said to me, giving me a glare that I found extremely cute.

She makes me wonder sometime, if she is real or not. She was concerned about the amount I spent on her dresses when this is exactly what all those other women want from me.

Every single woman I have been with
previously, was just after my money, wanting me to shower them with my wealth but I never ever fucking cared to fulfill their wishes and then there was this girl who chides me whenever I buy things for her, when I'm willing to give all of it to her.

I didn't realise I was smiling, thinking about her, not until my phone rang and I came out of my thoughts.

I took out my phone from my pocket, and sighed seeing the caller id. Not him!

"Bark" I said arrogantly as soon as I placed the phone to my ear. I waited a few seconds but no one spoke from the other end.

Rolling my eyes I spoke in a much calmer tone "Fine. Speak".

"Just to enlighten you that I'm not a dog!" Brian shouted over the phone.

"Of course. Dogs are better than you" I chuckled.

There was some strange noise, in the background, something of snatching and pushing.

"They definitely fight like dogs" a different, familiar voice spoke.

"Nate? What are you doing with Brian?" I asked confused. Don't they live in different countries?

There was again some noise after which someone else spoke, again a very familiar voice "No, he is still in Australia. I am with Brian" Kevin said.

I moved the phone away from my ear and looked strangely at the screen. It's been months since I last talked to them, they are my buddies since my college days. We don't usually get the opportunity to meet up or talk, all four of us together, as we live in different countries. I miss the time we used to spend together, but now I have my company to take care off, have work. You see priorities change.

But if they called me all of a sudden that means something is wrong. I again took the phone to my ear, only to hear all of them shouting.

"What the fuck is happening? And where the fuck are you morons?!" I too shouted  only to make them shut their stupid mouths.

"Shut up you dickheads! Don't you think we have something much more important to talk of!" Nate yelled, at the other two men whom I unfortunately call my friends. Nate is a man of patience, the most patient one in our group and if he is loosing his sanity, then whatever they are talking of is really important.

"That is what I'm saying to Brian, but he doesn't have a fucking brain to get that!" Kevin snapped.

I was about to end the call, when Brian finally spoke and I stopped "I'll fight you later K, but right now... Aaron you fucking bastard!"

"Take him to a doc, K" I sighed, shaking my head.

"That is for later. You tell me, why don't we know you are engaged" Oh! So this was the important talk they were talking off.

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