Chapter 61; Part 1

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He fell in love with her in London, on the very first night

Underneath the fireworks she was his only light

His heart beats for her twenty-four-seven

The hell he's lived through she makes heaven

He was put on this earth to love her for life,

She is his only sunset and sunrise

He's fallen for the girl in the rolling stone's T

He has loved her for twenty five months, you see

She's a classic kind of beauty, a modern day snow white

Those big brown eyes are his one favorite sight

He needs her as much as the air that he breathes

She's his soulmate, his person; all he wants to be

She is the one and only he'll ever want to see

So it's only now right that he gets down on one knee

Being without her is to live without a life

So can he please take her to be his wife?


Poem by brezinnia
She is incredible, and agreed to share her talent with you guys. This is the perfect opening to the next two parts of this chapter. Please remember to Vote/comment, next part will be posted within 24 hours x

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