Chapter 32

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Jen's POV

Nothing could ever prepare you for the heartbreak and panic you felt as a mother, when seeing your child so helpless and unresponsive. I had no idea what was happening, my first instinct was to run for Harry, while thinking the worst case scenario in my head.

"Is she breathing?" Harry looked to me panicked, trying to get an answer from my emotional break down.

"I don't know, I was trying to wake her and she was burning hot, she wasn't responding at all, I don't know what's happening Harry," I managed to get out between sobs of fear.

He quickly left my side, running up the rest of the stairs to check on our daughter, while I followed behind him, my heart racing with anxiousness.

"Mia, wake up for daddy," he leant over her crib, trying to get some kind of response from her. She still didn't budge, when she normally would have by now. Her limbs were limp, and her pale skin was clammy.

"Harry..." I sobbed in desperation for some kind of sign, that she would be okay.

"Call the ambulance, she's still breathing and she has a heart beat, we needn't think the worst right now Jen," he instructed me, and I ran down stairs, making the phone call.

I really wished they hadn't of asked so many damn questions, I wanted an ambulance here now, not in an hour when something more terrible could have happened. After a lot of questions I could barely muster up an answer to, the lady finally told me the ambulance was on its way.

"It's coming," I ran back to Harry's side, hoping there would be some kind of change in Mia.

"I shouldn't have taken her in the water, it was too cold, and she was already burning up, this is my fault," he started blaming himself for the current situation we were in.

"It's not your fault, Harry. You weren't to know this would happen," I tried to assure him, but his only response was a head shake and sigh. He was gripping the railing of her crib, staring down at her tiny body.

"I'm meant to protect her, not put her in harms way. She's two months old, and I've already fucked up, if something happens to her I will not be able to live with myself," he began to crumble, letting his emotions hit him all at once.

"You can not blame yourself, stop thinking like that. If that stupid monitor was working I could have gotten to her faster. I heard faint cries when I walked in the house, then it all suddenly stopped. It's my fault for not checking the battery level," now I pinned the blame on myself for this happening.

"Come on baby, wake up please," I begged her, trying again to get her to move even a finger, to let me know she was at least responsive to my touch. By some miracle and sign from above, she wrapped her little hand around my finger like she normally did, resulting in both Harry and I gasping at the relief.

"Mia, can you open your eyes for daddy?" Harry began to stroke her cheek, trying to wake her up again. She started to stir around, her bottom lip pouted, indicating more cries were about to follow.

"Thank God," Harry sighed a breath of relief, picking her up and holding her to his chest as she let out faint cries.

"Should we get this jumpsuit off her? She's soaking wet, and she's burning hot," he rocked her gently, trying to calm her down.

"Yeah get it off, I'll get her some water," I quickly left the room to retrieve her bottle of water. When I returned she was undressed, just covered in a nappy, and slightly less vocal than when I left.

"Come on Mia, drink something please," I placed the bottle in her mouth, trying to get her hydrated. She was still refusing to drink anything, choking on what had managed to escape the bottle.

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