Chapter 27

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Jen's POV

Dinner with Gemma and Angus just confirmed my suspicions that there was something not right between them. They didn't look at each other once, and Angus would usually have his arm around her once we were done, but he distracted himself by looking at his phone.

"It's rude to be on your phone at the table, while others are around," Gemma quietly scolded his actions. I looked to Harry, who looked to me with the same worried look on his face that this would turn into one big mess.

"I'm replying to a work email, life doesn't just stop because we're at the dinner table," he responded just as harshly.

"What's new? You're always replying to emails, or taking phone calls, or off on work dinners. No wonder you don't want children, that would actually mean giving your attention to other people."

This was going from bad to worse, it was getting more personal by the second, especially with that comment about children. It surprised me since Angus was very adamant he wanted kids, what had changed?

"That has nothing to do with it, do you honestly believe I'm that selfish? That I would give up having my own children, because I wouldn't have time for them? Wow babe, I don't know why you married such a self centred prick."

"Lately, I don't know why either. I went to that specialist for us, for our future. You wanted kids, and I was willing to give them to you. What the f*ck changed after that? I was willing to put my body on the line, and risk my life to have surgery, for you! Now you've changed your mind on ever wanting kids with no explanation, there's no pleasing you," she slammed her her fork down into the plate, causing us all to jump at the piercing noise.

She fled the table as fast as she could, slamming the front door on her way out. Angus just sat at the table with his head in his hands, grunting at what was probably an argument he lived through multiple times since this specialist appointment she mentioned.

"Aren't you going to go after her?" I questioned him.

"I've got the keys, she can't go very far. It's best to let her cool off anyway."

"Really Angus? What the hell was all that? And what does she mean you don't want children? You've always wanted them, now you've suddenly changed your mind? Why?" I was firing questions at him one by one.

"I'll go after her," Harry excused himself from the table, probably assuming he would open up more if it was just him and I.

"It's not that important, Jen."

"What's not? Having your own child? Someone that is half you half her, something you created out of love. Becoming a mum is the best thing that has happened to me, she brings me so much joy, how can you not want that? How can you say having children is not that important?"

I barely even recognised this man sitting in front of me. His tune had changed dramatically since I last saw him, because as far as I knew all he wanted want his own child with Gemma. He was devastated when she miscarried, and thought they would never have their own family.

I saw the way he was with Mia, he loved her, and I saw in his eyes he wanted what Harry and I had- a family. There was something deeper to this, I could tell, he wouldn't have just given up the opportunity of having kids when faced with a solution to the problem.

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