Chapter 52

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Hey my love bugs, if you want some kind of idea as to what "Jen" looks and sounds like, here's a quick video of Demi for you to help with your imagination, above.

Jen's POV

The scent of Harry's cologne, lingered through the bedroom as he walked past me to get to the wardrobe. He was covered in only a towel, with droplets of water trickling down his toned back, from his wet hair.

I stared on at my boyfriend, as he flicked through each shirt I had hung up for him, which had been sent over from some designer he often wore. I wasn't exactly sure who had more clothes out of him and I, but I did love watching him choose out his outfits, like he was a fashion expert of sorts.

He looked at himself in the mirror, effortlessly tying his hair up in a bun, catching a glimpse of me staring before I quickly looked away, blushing. I heard him chuckle softly, always finding amusement in my inability to take my eyes off him.

"Which shirt do you think?" He asked me, pulling my attention back to him. As I looked up, my eyes didn't dart straight to the two shirts he was holding up, but more so a little lower, to where his towel had mysteriously fallen to a puddle at his feet.

I tried to look at the contents in his hands, but how could anyone concentrate on clothing, when their boyfriend's manhood was on display, right in front of your face.

"The shirts are up here," he smirked, taking enjoyment in my flustered state, not being able to get a word out.

"I like both," I quickly said, looking back down to the magazine I had laid out on the bed in front of me.

"It's a hard choice, isn't it," I heard him approaching me.

"Didn't look very hard to me," I pressed my lips together, keeping me from smiling at the clear joke I had walked myself into.

"Well you know how to fix that, don't you," he crawled up onto the bed with me.

"I've been known to accomplish the task, but we're on a time schedule today, get dressed," I flicked through my magazine, acting uninterested in his advances towards me.

"You weren't so interested in that magazine a few seconds ago, I saw you staring, I know you would rather spend the morning in bed," he leant in, kissing my neck in the way he knew made me succumb to him.

"Mia will be awake any minute, and we need to be ready to go," I tried to push him away, even though I didn't exactly want to.

Today I was going into work to sign my new contract, and Harry insisted he come along because he had nothing better to do. I decided to bring Mia along, as everyone in the office was begging me to bring her in again. It was forecast to be unbearably hot today, so I wanted to get in and out of the office before it reached the peak heat.

"I love this dress on you, it's flattering to your perfect assets," he wrapped his finger around one of the spaghetti straps, pulling in down past my shoulder.

"That's probably why you bought it for me...although, I did recall you not being exactly fond of me wearing clothes that show a lot of skin, unless it's for your eyes only," I teased his protective nature, wanting me to cover up so others didn't stare.

"Let them look, I'm quietly confident that I'll get to see this body for the rest of my life, while they can only catch a glimpse of what I already know is underneath."

"What makes you so confident?"

"Trust me, I have no doubts," he kissed my now bare shoulder, leading back up to my neck, while his hand slid higher and higher up my thigh.

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