Chapter 36

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Harry's POV

This promotional tour had taken a toll on me, and just made me more adamant that this break was the right thing to do. If Jen hadn't of come out and travelled with me, I don't think I would have handled this distance as well as I did previously.

It was our last night in L.A, before we headed back home to Melbourne. I couldn't wait to get back into my comfort zone, and just enjoy this free time I had with my girlfriend and daughter. Not that being home would last long, since we were back to the U.K a week later.

Jen was putting Mia to bed in the room next door, while I lay here on the bed, thinking about how my year had turned out. It started off surprising, seeing Jen at the awards show. Those few days were so bittersweet to me. From seeing her in bed with Mason, to arguing outside the arena, to making love like we used to, finishing with us parting ways.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day, where our encounter yet again started with an argument, but finished off with the greatest surprise I'd had. The news of Mia brought us back together, and life had been pure bliss since, mostly.

We'd gone through hurdles along the way this year, but we came out stronger in the end. Everything we went through, built us up higher, and made me fall even more in love with her everyday. So all in all, the year was one of the best I'd had.

"She asleep?" I asked Jen as she walked into our room.

"Yeah, she's been starting to sleep in longer patterns at night now, so I might actually get a good nights sleep tonight," she half smiled, beginning to undress for the night.

Jen's body was beautiful, no matter how insecure she was about it. I'd memorised every curve, every little scar, and every detail of her perfectly light skin. Every imperfection she hated, I loved, and paid extra attention to, to make her feel secure in herself. If she could see herself through my eyes, she would never have a doubt about how beautiful she was.

She stood looking in the mirror at herself, emotionless at the reflection staring back at her. I knew she was judging herself, and I wanted to put an end to the battle she fought in her mind with herself.

"You're so beautiful," I pressed myself up against behind her, wrapping my arms around her torso, gently pulling her hair to the side, giving me access to place light kisses on her warm neck.

"You have to say that, you're my boyfriend," she lightly chuckled, placing her arms over mine.

"Even if I wasn't, you'd still be beautiful. I thought it before I even knew your name- you were a stranger to me, and my opinion was the same then as it is now. You're your own worst critic, and I'm your biggest supporter, just like you're mine."

"So, if I'm your biggest supporter, that makes me like your number one fan, right?" She questioned me.

"I guess it does," I agreed with her.

"So I'm a fan, that follows you around, and sleeps with you...does that make me a groupie?" She surprised me by saying, making me laugh at the ridiculous things she said, that made me laugh daily.

"The biggest groupie there is. I even managed to knock you up, that makes you queen of the groupies."

"I had so many options last year, but somehow you managed to win me over, I don't know how you did it."

"It probably had something to do with my hot bod, can't blame a girl for not resisting it," I laughed.

"Yes, that's definitely it! Had nothing to do with how incredibly charming you are, or that smile and those dimples, or how you made me feel like the most important person in your life, and so incredibly loved and safe. It all had to do with your bod, you hit the nail on the head."

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