Chapter 5

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Jen's POV

Hearing Bella was in a coma had turned a week of pure happiness, into a moment of heartache and fear that she wouldn't make it out of this.

Regardless of what she had done in the past, she was still an important person in my life for years, to lose her would be a loss I couldn't bare.

"We're hoping for the best," Jake shrugged, looking more vulnerable and doubtful than I'd ever seen him. I could tell he truly loved her, maybe Bella was right when she said he had changed.

"What happened? When did this happen? I don't understand how she was perfectly fine a week ago, now this happens?" My throat clenched tight in pain as I tried my hardest not to cry, but the impossible task was proving to be difficult.

"She was in a car accident, on the way home from seeing you. We got into an argument on the phone, she was emotional, she wasn't concentrating, and she went through a round about without looking, then it happened."

"So this is because she came to me...if she hadn't of come to my house she wouldn't have been in the accident..." I thought out loud.

"This is not your fault Jen, please don't blame yourself for this happening. Like I told Harry, Bella didn't tell the press about your pregnancy, I did, and when you blamed her for that, it hurt her a lot.

She said I was the reason I pushed you two apart, and I guess I was. I let her take the fall for my wrong doing, and that wasn't right. She called me after she left your house, and that's why she was emotional, because you two still left things on bad terms, and she had to pin the blame on somebody, and that was me."

One particular sentence in all that stood out to me amongst the rest of what he was saying- "Like I told Harry"...when exactly did this encounter occur, and why hadn't Harry told me about it?

Had Harry known all this time it was Jake, and let me blame Bella just because he didn't like her? Or was he told after her accident, meaning he knew she was in the coma, and kept it from me?

"Jen I've got to go, I really do want to sit down and talk one day, just to clear the air. Please come past and visit Bella, the doctors say familiar voices help."

I heard what he was saying, but my thoughts were elsewhere. I gave him a small nod and he left, leaving with me with unanswered questions, and complete disappointment in my boyfriend.

I didn't want to confront him about it, especially not here, I wanted him to tell me about Bella and Jake when he deemed it was necessary for me to know. I didn't want to jump to conclusions, maybe he didn't know Bella was in a coma.

I didn't know which would hurt me more- the fact he knew Jake told the press and let me blame Bella all this time, or that he knew she was in a coma and hadn't told me about it. I didn't know his motives behind his silence.

Harry wouldn't lie to me, maybe I would mention Bella to him and see what he would say. I should just come right out and say Jake was here and told me everything, but I wanted him to be honest with me, and tell me what he knew himself.

I looked down at my daughter, hoping she would never have to go through any of the bullshit I did. I wanted a good life for her, and I would make damn sure no one would ever hurt her.

I wiped my face, trying to erase the last ten minutes to focus on what was most important here, and that was my little girl, who needed my full attention.

She was a constant reminder of my love for Harry. She was made on a night of weakness, a night I gave into temptation because I could never resist him. I built walls up to try and forget him, but he fought so hard for me that day, a single breath blew the walls down and I was his again for the taking.

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