Chapter 24

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Jen's POV

Living on a few hours of sleep here and there, while listening to Harry talk constantly during the four hour drive to his home town, made me question why exactly I said I preferred to drive rather than fly out to visit Anne.

I loved him, and I loved being around him, but when you were so sleep deprived and had the pounding headache I was enduring right now, silence was all I craved.

"We're about five minutes away," he told me.

"Thank God," I said under my breath, relieved to get out of this car and into the fresh air- and possibly regain feeling in my backside again.

"What's the issue? You've been sour this whole car ride, am I annoying you?" He questioned me.

"No babe, you're not annoying, I'm just tired. I barely slept last night, I don't think I even fell into a deep enough sleep to count it as sleep."

"Really? Did you um...hear me come into the room?" He glanced over to me...nervously? I was confused, maybe he was out late and thought I'd be mad he came back at all hours. It couldn't have been that late, since he was fast asleep next to me when I got up to feed Mia just after midnight.

"No I don't think so...why?"

"Oh no reason, I just came back and Mia was awake, so I spoke to her for a little since you were passed out," he answered more at ease.

"Is there a reason you want to know if I heard you? You kind of look like you're hiding something."

"I'm not hiding anything," he laughed it off, "Mia and I just had an in depth conversation about life, that's all, no hidden secrets."

"Right...well I wish I was awake for this conversation now, I'd love to hear you talk about life with an infant. Did she contribute much?"

"Yep, more than you'd think. Don't be jealous that our daughter likes to talk to daddy more than mummy. Get used to it, that's a daddy's little princess back there," he said smugly.

"You wish, Styles," I rolled my eyes and laughed at his cockiness. I hoped I was close to my daughter like my mum and I were, but it did make me smile to think he would be wrapped around her tiny finger.

"Jealous that I got a new woman in my life?"

"Woman? Where?" I searched around the car sarcastically, as he pulled up to Anne and Robin's house.

"I know a fair few women that wouldn't mind being in my company," he shrugged and turned the car off.

"Oh...well do any of these women know exactly how you like to be touched?" I placed my hand against his crotch firmly, "or that you get turned on whenever I kiss you here?" I kissed the sweet spot against his neck.

"Jesus Christ," he sighed, and I felt his pants become much tighter all of a sudden, where my hand was placed.

"Jen, Harry!" I heard Anne yell out from the front door.

"Success," I winked, opening the door to greet Anne.

"Anne, I've missed you," I hugged her just outside the car.

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