Chapter 60

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Jen's POV

The past two weeks seemed to have gotten away from us, much faster than any of us had anticipated. Everything was so fast paced, there didn't seem to be a break between any of the shows, since any day there wasn't an actual show on, there was a TV appearance or radio interview being conducted.

All the drama that seemed to occur during the first night of the tour, seemed to have passed over almost immediately the next day. Soph and I had made up the next morning, both admitting the argument was ridiculous, and no one was to blame for the band breaking up. We were both just protective of boyfriends' feelings, so we both got more emotionally invested than we should have.

Eleanor had left the tour days later, promising to come back for the final show. She had a work trip to attend, to which Soph would be joining her to get the in's and outs of the fashion industry, as she had just graduated from fashion school. Both her and Eleanor were interested in the whole fashion blogging scene, so Soph had left tour yesterday, to join her on the trip for a few days.

Dani and I hadn't really communicated all that much the entire tour, although the only time I did see her was at the shows, where she kept a good distance from me. It was awkward, and extremely uncomfortable knowing she was upset with me, but wanted to make no effort to fix the issue that occurred the night before the tour commenced.

There was only a week left of this trip, and I didn't want to end it off on bad terms with anyone. With both Eleanor and Sophia gone, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get some alone time with Dani, and try and sort out what was going on. I mean, I knew why she was upset, but there must have been some way to come to a resolution.

I sat in my hotel room here in Manchester, looking out the window to the pouring rain trickling down the glass, while listening to Harry sing Mia to sleep. His voice was so soothing and peaceful, I was finding it hard to stay awake, myself.

"...and if that diamond ring goes brass, daddy gets to stare at your mummy's fit ass," he chuckled to himself.

"I don't think that's part of the lullaby," I turned to face him, shaking my head at his clever, yet inappropriate lyric change.

"It's call free styling, I like this version better," he smiled in my direction.

"I think our daughter could make do without it."

"She fell asleep minutes ago, I've just been watching you stare out that window, and knew it would get your attention," he walked over to the small crib, placing Mia down, before walking over to me.

"What's wrong?" He look a seat on the ledge in front of me, brushing his warm thumb across my cold in comparison cheek bone.

"Who says there is something wrong?" I embraced his touch, seeking comfort in his gentle movements.

"I've seen this scene before, on the first tour you were with me. You sat by the window, looking out, deep in thought. You were upset about us being apart. I know you, this is what you do when something is on your mind. Let me in, are you not enjoying yourself?" He questioned my emotion towards my presence here in the U.K.

"No babe, it's not that at all, I love watching you night after night," I took his hands in mine, relaxing myself immediately whenever I was beside him.

"Then what is it? You can tell me," he said softly, encouraging me to open up.

There wasn't much to really open up about, it wasn't a huge drama, it was just a dark cloud constantly hovering over me, keeping me back from being fully happy while in the crowd and backstage every night. It was an awkward tension, that I could never really handle. I just wasn't someone who could be okay with not being liked, and carry on with my day, knowing I had upset someone.

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