Chapter 11

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Harry's POV

The wake for Rob was a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon. Everyone was laughing, sharing memories, and in much better spirits than earlier today.

Lauren had taken Mia from me while I was speaking with Niall, and everyone seemed to be gushing over her, pointing out which of her features resembled Jen and which resembled me. The consensus amongst everyone was she looked like me, but I couldn't really see it. I thought she was beautiful like her mum, but I was biased.

She began to become unsettled towards the end of the day, and I was eager to hear how Niall's conversation had gone with Jen, so I said my goodbyes and rounded up everyone to head home. Jen had taken Angus' car after the funeral, so both he and Gemma had to come home with me.

"So are we walking into a war zone or what? You've done something to piss her off, should we take Mia out?" Angus asked, smirking at my pending potential argument. I didn't want to fight with her, I didn't want to leave on a bad note.

"I don't know, Niall was there having a talk to her, I'm not sure if she said anything to him or not since his phone is off and I can't get in contact."

I was annoyed he was unreachable, I wanted to know what was happening, and if Jen had opened up to someone about how she was feeling. I just wanted any type of sign that she wanted me to stay.

I doubt he would have still been at the house by now, he left the wake a couple of hours ago, I couldn't imagine their conversation would have gone longer than two minutes.

"Are you excited for LA? I guess this is my last time seeing you two for a while. Have you got yourselves a place set up yet?" I changed the subject to distract myself.

"Yeah the team have set everything up for us, they sent through apartment options and we chose one together last night. I'm absolutely shitting myself," Angus admitted. I didn't know why though, he was amazing at his job, and always very confident, I knew he would succeed.

"Why? You've got a great personality, you seem to be popular with the girls who watch your shows, and besides Jen, obviously, you're the best presenter I know. You'll kill it over there mate," I gave him some encouragement.

"Most of my fans are One Direction fans, for obvious reasons, I want to break away from that and become my own person, not just the guy that's married to Harry Styles' sister. I want to make a name for myself, and this is a fresh start, I guess I'm just nervous for a new beginning.

This is my first solo project, I've always had Jen or someone else by my side through my presenting career, what if i'm shit? What if everyone has invested so much in me, and I end up letting them all down?"

"Well then your show gets cancelled, you fly back to Australia, and beg MTV for your job back if they haven't replaced you yet," I tried not to smile at my blunt comment. I knew he wouldn't fail, so I knew that wouldn't happen.

"Thanks for the pep talk mate, remind me to come to you next time I need a confidence boost," he laughed.

"Angus, stop worrying so bloody much babe. Do you think if I thought you would be one big failure, that I would agree to move across the world with you? And so what if you're known as the guy married to Harry's sister, I don't see how that's all that bad," my sister spoke from the back.

I understood why he didn't want the label, I'm sure Jen didn't like the label of being that girl dating Harry from One Direction, just like I didn't like the label of being that guy from that boy band. Your true identity gets lost when the world is passing judgement on you, and I found that to be one of the biggest downsides to being in the spotlight.

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