Chapter 21

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*With the new year, I'm going to begin starting my chapters with something I've seen before, but never tried myself.  I'm going to include 3 new songs I'm enjoying that week, that may or may not relate to the chapter. I listen to a lot of Australian and UK artists, so you may start loving some new music*

This weeks song picks;

Stand By You- Rachel Platten

Wild- Troye Sivan

Eyes Shut- Years & Years


Jen's POV

They say home is where the heart is- whether it's a physical structure, or in the comfort of another person, wherever your heart belonged, was where you were meant to be.

Although I was almost 17,000 kilometres away from my city, I'd never felt more safe and home than I did right now, standing in the embrace of my boyfriend and my daughter.

Watching him overcome with emotion over seeing us, filled the emptiness in my heart I had been living with for the past three weeks. It may not have been that long, but when you were as in love with someone as I was with Harry, three weeks was the equivalent to three months.

"How long are you here for?" He asked me, oblivious to the crew surrounding us, waiting to begin what should have been my interview with all the boys.

"I don't have a return flight, and there's nothing back home to return to, so however long you want us here, we will stay."

"If I had it my way, I'd want you both with me the whole time, but I don't expect you to stay that long, so don't feel pressured."

Selfless, as usual, always putting other people's needs before his own. A quality I loved in him, but always wished he could switch off, and be selfish and tell me what he wanted without giving me options.

"If you want us here the whole time, then we'll be here the whole time. It will be nice to catch up with the girls while I'm in the country, as well as your family, and I guess since I'll be coming to LA with you, we can see Gemma and Angus."

"Oh so that's why you're staying? To see Angus, I see your little plan, you're not fooling me," he laughed.

"No! I'm here for you," I defended myself.

"I know you are baby, relax, I missed getting you wound up," he kissed my temple, before Louis came over to meet Mia for the first time.

"Pictures really don't do this one justice do they, what a looker," he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Oh and the baby is absolutely precious," he laughed at his own lame attempt at buttering me up.

"Go and get yourself a girlfriend, and leave mine alone eh?" Harry frowned at him, which made me laugh a little at how bothered he got over other men complimenting me.

"Your lady deserves the compliment, you look incredible for someone who just had a baby," he looked me up and down, praising my post baby weight loss.

"I'm no where near my goal, you should see what I look like under the clothes, you'd be spinning a different story."

"There will be none of that, and I'll be the judge of that later tonight," Harry interrupted us, in true Harry form.

"You do look amazing babe, and look at this little one, she's gorgeous," Liam joined us now, and Niall quickly followed.

"Guys, we really need to get this interview done, then we have an hour between the next lot of press," one of the crew called out.

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