Chapter 71

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Harry's POV

My recollection of last night was limited. I remembered getting talked into going to a club, up until the point of drinking with people, I didn't particularly enjoy the company of. The night was a blur of alcohol and sweat covered bodies around me. I didn't remember leaving, nor ending up back in my bed. I must have showered at some point, since my hair was still slightly damp, and I was completely naked on top of the bed sheets.

My body felt like it was missing something- the thing that made me feel so carefree and reckless hours ago. I remembered feeling incredible, like I hadn't a care in the world. Now though, I felt myself slipping right back into the depression and longing to be back home. My head hurt, worse than any hangover I'd ever endured before. I'd barely slept more than an hour at a time throughout the night, I was restless and feeling irritable as the sun shone through the slit between the drapes.

I heard Willow walking around the apartment, so I glanced at the clock beside my pillow, seeing it was almost time to leave for filming. I didn't know how I'd manage to get through this day the way I felt, but somehow I'd have to find a way. I dragged myself off the mattress, throwing on the first outfit I could find in my cupboard. The shirt I chose reminded me of Jen, because it was one I knew she loved.

I spoke to her every morning, to get me in a better mood for the rest of the day. It was something I'd done since my first day here, and irregardless of my pounding headache and downward spiral into my manic depressant state, I didn't want to skip a day. No matter how shit I felt. She would make it better, if only for the ten or so minutes I got to talk before I left.

I searched around my room frantically, looking for my phone. Usually it was beside my bed on charge overnight, but the usual spot on my bedside table was empty. No matter how many pillows I threw to the ground, or draws I'd opened, it was no where to be found. Maybe I'd left it in the lounge on the way back into the apartment.

I searched the entire apartment up and down, it still was missing. I hoped I hadn't dropped it at the club. That was my worst nightmare- losing my phone. Not because I couldn't live without technology, but my entire life was literally on that thing. Personal details, photos, my schedule, unfinished song lyrics- everything. If that fell into the hands of the wrong person, it could very well ruin me.

"Looking for something?" Willow glanced at me. She didn't seem like her usual cheerful self. Her smile was replaced with a blank face, no emotion what so ever. I wasn't used to this. I didn't know if something was actually wrong, or I was just being paranoid.

"My phone. I can't find it," I tugged at my hair in anxiousness, sitting down as I tried to think of where it could have been.

"Here. I thought it was best if I kept it away from you last night," she pulled my phone out of her handbag, handing it back to me.

"Why? What happened last night?" I asked, confused why she had to keep my phone away. I'd been drunk before, it's not like I was known to do anything excessively stupid as a result.

"You don't remember anything?" She questioned me, acting stunned I couldn't recall what I had done, that warranted a phone confiscation.

"Should I? I was drunk, I can't remember much of what happened. I assume I partied a bit too hard, then somehow managed to make it back to bed. I had such a shit sleep, I don't know how I'm going to get through the day."

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