Chapter 46

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Harry's POV

The familiar coolness of Christmas morning, waved through the bedroom as my feet hit the ice cold floorboards of my old bedroom. The sound of my mum cooking down stairs, took me back to my childhood, always being woken up by the sound of the mixer.

Every Christmas morning, Gemma and I would race down stairs, trying to be the first to take a look at what presents had been left for us overnight. We fought about who had more, and who had the biggest- which I made sure was me, resulting in her being in tears that Santa loved me more.

I missed those days, but then at the same time, I wouldn't trade it for what I woke up to this morning. For the first time, I woke up with the love of my life fast asleep beside me, and my daughter making small noises through the monitor in the next room.

After Jen returned from her early morning feed, Mia had fallen back to sleep, so Jen tried to get in as much more as she could. I decided to take the monitor over to my side of the bed, and keep an ear out so she could get her sleep, and I would tend to Mia when she woke.

It was so strange, looking around the room at my sister across from me, with her husband pressed against her. It still blew my mind that she was married, and it took me a while to accept she had chosen to spend her life with Angus, but I really couldn't see it any other way, now.

They were perfect for each other. They were both witty and sarcastic, stubborn and impulsive, but also loved and protected each other so intensely, that everything that should have worked against them, was overshadowed by the power their love held towards one another.

Angus was a good guy, not only to my sister, but to my girlfriend too. I'm glad she had someone like him in her life, that would protect her when I couldn't. Their relationship was something any boyfriend should be envious of, but surprisingly I wasn't, nor was I ever threatened by.

There was only one person I ever saw as a threat, and if two years ago I knew then, what I knew now, I would have never of seen Ashton as a threat to me. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did when I found out he and Jen had kissed, and so much time wasted arguing could have been prevented.

No one was ever a threat to our relationship, I should have known that. Jealousy had an ugly way of taking over someone's emotions, making them do regrettable things, but I also think it showed that someone cared. I loved her so much that I couldn't stand the thought of her with anyone else, so of course when someone showed any kind of attention towards her, the green eyed monster kicked in.

She was so beautiful, in the most pure way. Physically she was stunning, but internally she had the most purest of hearts, one you had to take care of gently but tightly at the same time. She put her all into loving me, so I put my all into loving her right back.

That was the kind of love that lasted a lifetime. The kind where you go crazy at the thought of them being without you, the kind where your heart races every time they touch you, the kind where you hold on to it so tightly, and fight for it so hard, no matter how exhausting it may be. Love wasn't exhausting though, it was challenging, but if the person is worth it, then every battle was worth overcoming. Loving Jen was the easiest thing I'd done.

I took one more look at my sleeping girlfriend, kissing her forehead before walking to Mia's room. The air was scented with mum's pancakes, making my stomach grumble in anticipation for breakfast. It wouldn't be done any time soon though, so I used this time to spend some quality time with my daughter, before the house filled with family, using her as a human pass the parcel.

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