Break up

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"Nick what am I going to say to the agency?"I question ad I lie against his chest in the hotel room bed.
We are wrapped up together in the white bed sheets , and a cushion propped behind Nicks back.The room is lit from the white early light of the day pouring into the room , and a breath taking view of Times Square is displayed in front of us.

The room is lit from the white early light of the day pouring into the room , and a breath taking view of Times Square is displayed in front of us

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My hair was styled in a loose , messy bun with curly strands hanging out.I am wearing an oversized black sweater with I woke up like this written in white writing across the chest .
"Well Emma this is your chance to break into the fashion industry  , and you could still do your other job aswell , you could prioritise things "he says kissing my neck delicately.
"Okay , I'm going to do it , I'm going to sign a contract  for vogue "I say as I punch the number of the agency into my cell phone , not wanting to loose the adrenaline pumping through my body .
The line rings and suddenly it picks up.
"Hello welcome to vogue magazine and modelling agency ,"the woman starts the conversation politely "how may I assist you ma'am ?"
"Hi yes my name is Emma Waterson I am calling as I was offered the opportunity to sign with your agency "I reply nervously biting my nails .
"Oh yes Miss Waterson I was notified about you , I have the contact right here as long as we have your permission we can sign you ".
I take a deep breath and look in Nicks direction.
He nods and winks at me .
"You have my full permission and I would love to sign with your agency ".
"Perfect ma'am ,wonderful welcome to vogue magazine "she says and hangs up the line as it falls goes dead.
I'm working for vogue.
Although for now im only a trainee who knows where this could lead ,a whole career has been laid out in front of me just from one evening .
"I'm working for vogue  "a say in disbelief as the news still hasn't sunk in.
"My smoking hot girlfriend is a model "Nick agreed making me laugh .
"I'm not a model "I chuckle .
It seemed to have all gone so fast , i came to New York clueless of what was going to happen to me .I was stabbed , watched friends on a rooftop and I'm  now working for vogue .How surreal.
"Nick do you agree this is crazy?"
"Yes I do "he says smirking .
Suddenly my phone lights up on the night stand as I receive a text message from Ashley.
I sigh and pull away from Nicks grasp.
"What's wrong ?"he questions.
"Ashley wants us over there now "I say yawning .
"How come we do everything she wants ?"he replies in an annoyed tone .
"We don't it's just she's asking if we can come over to see a surprise "I fire back at him.
"Well what if I just want to relax and not worry about what she's doing !"he shouts .
"Nick where did all of this come from?"I ask , stopping everything in doing .
"I have been annoyed with this for a long time Emma , it's like your putting your friends first!"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I feel like now we don't have any time for each other ".
"So"I reply .
"So I feel like we should see other people for a while , just a few weeks "he says standing up from the bed.
I can't believe this !
"So you want us to break up ? Is that what your saying ?"
"I think so ".

I get dressed in silence and leave the hotel room without saying another word to Nick , since we aren't a couple anymore apparently.
As soon as I'm outside the hotel room I race to the elevator with tears stinging my eyes.

I bang on Ashley's door impatiently with my fists clenched .
"Ash open this door now !"
I have been wanting someone's shoulder to cry on all morning since Nick dumped me , and I can't hold it in any longer .
The door swings open and I see Jay standing there with messy hair and a v neck and jeans , with Ashley behind  him in a floral summer dress.
I start crying and ambush both of them with a hug .
Jay rubs the back of my head and Ashley's reassures me.
"It's okay ".
"What's wrong ?"Jay asks .
"Nick dumped me "I wail .
"I'm going to kill him "Jay says running to the door .
"Jay baby,"Ashley stops him"be careful and don't do anything you will regret okay ?"
The door slams shut and Ashley leads me into the living room and I feel something move around my feet .
I flinch when Ashley picks up the furry animal .
"This is my puppy willow that Jay bought for me "she cuddles the tiny white puppy in her arms as it stares at me with its big blue eyes .
"She seems lovely "I whine .

Nicks PoV:

I lay on the bed exhausted from last night when there is a loud banging on the front door .
Perhaps Emma left something behind when she left earlier to go to Ashley's .
I slowly open the door .
"We need to talk , now!"
I lead him into the living room while u grab him a snack.
"What's up?"I question curiously .
"That Emma is in my hotel room with Ashley bawling her eyes out because you broke her heart , that's what's up bro"he says through gritted teeth.
"Oh god did I really hurt her ?"
"Yeah you did ".
"I'm so sorry what was i thinking !"I exclaim .
I can't believe it , I dumped Emma.The girl I love , why would I do that to her
"I don't know what I was thinking "I cover my face with the palms of my hands .
"We have to fix this , now!"

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