Goodbye LA

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"I can't believe you guys are leaving "Jay sulks  as he sits on top of the counter top of the kitchen.

I stare at his face , the sunlight bouncing off his cheeks and dimples.His hair is styled scruffy and messy and his shirt is unbuttoned at the top.His blue eyes remind me of the ocean and I feel like the water is shimmering under warm light.

"Your not completely alone Jay , you have Ashley here with you "I playfully elbow Ashley in the chest and she giggles.
"Yeah and she will keep you company don't worry "Ryan says raising an eyebrow .
I smirk at Ryan knowing what he's trying to get at .Ashley doesn't find it as amusing as she turns bright red of embarrassment.
"We have heard you keeping each other  company all week "Rebecca roll her eyes and Ryan smirks at her and kisses her cheek .
"Oh sorry I didn't know we were that loud "Jay scratches the back of his head awkwardly.
"Yeah next time we will be louder "Ashley says teasing everyone and we all squeal when they kiss .
"She's just kidding ".
"I do hope so "Nick says widening his eyes.

I slowly walk out of the kitchen , across the cold white tiles, dragging my feet along the floor.I stare around the house and notice something on the floor next to the cabinet.
I tip toe closer to inspect the object.
I gently pick it up and observe it , turning it over.
It's a piece of paper with Ashley's name on it.
I know this is private but my curiosity gets the best of me and I can't help open it and read the words scribbled on the sheet.
I skimmed down the page.
I suddenly feel like I'm going to be sick , I place the paper back where it belongs not wanting to read about Ashley and Jays sex life.Why would Jay leave a dirty note lying around the house?

I proceed up the spiral staircase into Mine and Nicks bedroom along the corridor , where Nick is waiting for me .

This trip has been the most memorable vacation of my life.
Although My head is still stinging and throbbing from the wound from falling by the pool , everything else has been practically perfect.The neighbours heard me scream and they came over and apologised for their ball hitting me.I reassured them and said I was fine and that it wasn't that bad, since they were boys who were only  about 14.When they saw Ashley walk past the door in her Netflix pyjamas , after she had been binge watching Pretty little liars for 6 hours  her hair in there natural waves,they started drooling and Nick asked them to leave .It made me laugh so much and Nick completed on how he found me adorable when I laughed and it made me blush .

Rebecca and Ashley apologised for their behaviour last night and promised that they would never act like that again(sober) , so I decided to forgive them.Even though they really hurt my feelings , I can't dwell on the past.
I explained to Nick  why I kissed that stranger at the club , and how I only did it to protect Ashley and Rebecca after he threatened to hurt them .I still keep thinking about what he said and he forced himself onto me .

"Nick?"I asked as we packed out final things around our room.
"Yes"he replied as he folded up his basketball jersey.
"Why did the guy in the club call me a slut ?"I question "I mean I have only had two serious relationships and I don't sleep with every that moves ".
"Emma come here "he pats his lap and I jog over.
I sit on his knees , and he wraps his arms around me.
"Emma you are perfect stunning ,gorgeous , kind and more ,"he kisses my nose and holds my hand "but my girl isn't know here near a slut".
"I'm yours?"I ask teasing him.
"Em you have always been Mine , I have liked you since the first day I saw you"he says kissing me .
"You have ?"I question.
"Of course baby".
"So I'm not a slut ?"
"Emma I love you , you are 100% not a slut "he kisses my neck.
"I love you Nick".
"I love you more gorgeous ".

Nick carries our suitcases down the stairs to the doorway , where a cab is waiting to take us to the airport.
"Jay we are going to miss you dude "Nick says giving him a bro hug.
"Yeah we will you guys will have to come and visit us in Madison "I say giving them both a hug.
"We are moving down there soon remember "Ashley winks at me .
"Yeah we all can't wait "Rebecca says smiling.
The cab driver calls for us and we say our final goodbyes.
"See ya!"
I run outside to the cab , avoiding the sudden outburst of rain.
Nick throws our suitcases into the trunk and me Ashley and Nick squeeze into the back seats, with Ryan spread out in the passengers seat.

I snuggle next to Nick and Ashley falls asleep , leaning on the window , breathing lightly.

We pull up to the airport and Nick and Ryan pay for the cab.
I sit on top of the suitcase and Nick pushes it gently , so I feel the air blowing through my hair as it falls over my shoulders .

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