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The weekend goes by pretty quickly and I receive 6 text messages from Nick, he says how much he missed me and loved me and I told him the same back.
But I can't help stop thinking about why he was in such a rush to leave all of a sudden.
Then on Sunday morning while I'm studying with my textbooks in the living room my phone vibrates,it's Nick.
"Hey I'm going to stay down here a little longer than planned.I'm sorry about this but I will be back here soon .love you ".
I sigh and put my phone down on the pillow next to me.
"Great now I'm stuck here alone"I tell myself.
Suddenly my laptop starts ringing,I rush to my room and answer the Skype call.
"Hi Ashley"I say grinning at the screen.
"Hey how you doing ? I'm so happy you and Nick worked things out".
"Yeah about that he is staying out in LA a little while longer than he planned"I sigh.
"Oh I'm sorry about that"she replies .
"It's okay,how's fashion coming along?"I ask politely .
"Oh it's going fantastic ! I have already seen the final designs and they are wonderful, we are starting to plan a fashion show for June".
"Ashley that's fabulous! Hey have you told your folks about dropping out of medical school yet?"I question.
"Not exactly "she replies looking uncomfortable.
"Ashley you have to tell them otherwise someone else will tell them"I advise her.
"Okay okay I will tell them tomorrow I'm meeting them for coffee and lunch ".
"Good ".
"Now about you and Nick"Ashley says smiling.
"So what should I do ?"I ask .
"Oh my goodness I have a fantastic idea !"she yells.
"What what is it?"
"You should surprise him down in LA, show up completely unexpected".
"That's a great idea !"I yell.
"Well go on you have to start packing!"

I pack my bag quickly and call a cab.
I have never been to Los Angles before so I'm extremely excited.
Soon I'm at the airport.
The flight goes by really quickly as I can't stop thinking about Nick and his face when he sees me.

I find out where he is as Amber messages me as the guy he is visiting is a family friend .

I pull up outside and am shocked.
The house is huge and has palm trees in the front yard with two fountains on each side.The house is painted white with a pool out the back
I slowly walk up to the door and press the doorbell and hear footsteps coming towards the door.
It swings open and I see Nick standing in the doorway.
"Surprise "I say waving my hands at him.
"Emma ?!"he says shocked .
"Yeah it's me "i reply.
"Why are you here?"he asks.
So not exactly the reaction I expected.
"I came to surprise you why what's wrong?"
"Nothing it's just so good to see you I haven't seen you in a week"he says grinning and hugs me.
"Oh good".
Suddenly I hear a voice scream Nicks name.
"Who's that?"I ask looking over his shoulder.
"Oh never mind it's just a friend".
Suddenly a man in a suit walks towards the door behind Nick and hands Him an envelope.
"Here is the address Mr Cole,"he nods his head "I hope you like it ".
"Nick what's going on?"
"Look I just wondered whether after we graduate from College if we could move in together , In our own place back in Madison?"
I'm stunned.This is such a huge step in our relationship , we will be living together in our own apartment .
What should I say?

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