Panic attack pass out & Parents

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"No No go away!"I yell as run away laughing.
"Come here!"Nick has a pile of leaves in his hands as he chases me.
"Ah!"I scream as he catches me and drops the leaves on my head.
"You still look adorable even with leaves stuck in your hair"he strokes my cheek and smirks.
"Well what do you expect"I agree sarcastically .

He joins in the laughter and we start walking.

"What do you want to do where do you want to go?"Nick asks as he slides his hand into mine and sit on the bench together.
"Why don't you come and meet my mom?"I question.
"Um oh okay"Nick replies stuttering.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah just nervous thats all"Nick bites his lip and stares up at the clouds overhead.

"Your never nervous"I tell him as I stroke his arm.

"That's a lie".

"You'll be fine my mom will love you".

We slowly walk to the parking lot where we see someone standing next too Nicks truck.Ashley.

"Hold on , let me deal with this"Nick says calmly.

I take a deep breath and nod my head to let him go.

"Look Ash what do you want?"He asks .
"I just want to say sorry for  last night, I shouldn't have got so drunk and come on to you like that"Ashley rubs her arm uncomfortably .
"Okay,well it's fine just go will you"Nick rubs the back of his neck and sighs.

I wanted too hate her .I wanted to hate her so badly,I wanted to feel no sympathy for her and I wanted for her to hate me back ,but I found it impossible too.I stared at her and thought of all the reasons why I should hate her but I couldn't get angry at her.She just looked at me and for the first time ever ,I know how she feels.She still loves Nick and she wants to be with him so badly that she had to get wasted to be able to take action.I felt the emotions rush through my head and soon everything is a blur.I can only make out colours and shapes and voices are echoey.I feel an arm grip me on the shoulder just as I loose the grip from my feet.Suddenly everything turns pitch black and I'm stuck in a world of darkness ,I hear the faint sound of voices before everything is blocked out .

"Em ?Em come on wake up"
My eyelids flutter open.Bright lights blind me before I rub my eyes and adjust .
"What happened?"I groan rubbing my head ,that's throbbing in pain.
"You passed out ,"Nick whispers in my ear"and I called Rebecca and she brought your mom".
"My mom?!"
I immediately jolt up and look around ,I'm in my bedroom (my old bedroom actually).Im spread across the bed , a blanket over me and a flannel on the bedside cabinet.
"But how did you get me here?and what about Ashley?"I ask .
"Ashley is a medical student so she helped out a lot actually "Nick admits.
"Oh"I reply standing up.
"Woah are you sure about this?your sure your not dizzy?"
"Positive "I lie .
I quickly loose my balance but grab onto Nicks shoulder for support.
"I'll be fine "I tell him as I open the door onto the landing.
"So what happened back there?"Nick asks, in a serious concerned tone.
"I don't know,I guess one of my attacks again"I assume.
"Attacks?"Nick asks.
"Oh I didn't tell you,"I remember and proceed"basically I just have these panic attacks ,sometimes they are extreme and sometimes they are nothing ".
"And you pass out?"
"Yeah"I reply casually as we slowly walk down the stairs.

"Mom this is Nick"I tell her as we enter the living room.
"We have already met when he called"mom sighs.
"I'm sorry about earlier I just,well to tell the truth I don't know what came over me "I admit leaning on Nicks shoulder.
"Well Nick did the right thing by calling someone ,otherwise "mom just shrugs her shoulders and leaves the room.
"Thank you Mrs Waterson"Nick says bowing his head politely.
"Miss Waterson,"mom reminds him"I'm divorced".
"Oh yes"Nick nods and looks at me.

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