Loved up

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(Disclaimer , this isn't the end don't panic )X
Welcome home baby!"Nick yells , thrusting his arms out displaying the furniture ,as we walk through the apartment door.

Thankfully everything is exactly how we left it and I have missed it so much.Although I had such a great time , Nick and I belong here, together.
I place my suitcase against the wall and fold my arms .
"It's good to be back "I sigh Leaning on Nicks shoulder.
"Together ,"Nick looks straight into my eyes "can we ?"
At first I'm oblivious to what he's saying but soon I realise when his gaze looks towards the bedroom.
"Oh but we just got back"I say surprised.
"Um okay if you really don't want to then that's-"
I cut him off.
"Just shut up and kiss me "I whisper in his ear , and gladly his lips crash into mine.
I throw my bag to the ground and Nicks arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into him.
His grip tightens as our lips move in sync and I break away for breath.
"Nick even though I don't think it's possible your kissing has gotten even better than before "I say astonished.
"Babe , I was made for this "he smirks before pulling me into him.

I feel his tongue trying to enter my mouth and I give in.
I let him explore before My tongue slides into his mouth too ,I pull away.
"Nick ?"
"Yes"he says , breathing heavily.
"Are you sure ?"
"Never been more sure of anything in my whole life "he grins.
He lifts me up with his strength and carries me to his bedroom.

This is so exciting.

I'm thrown onto the bed and Nick climbs on top of me in a straddle position and I let out a gentle moan as he kisses my neck .
"This is great"I say As he finds my sweet spot and I sigh.
"I know baby".
I slowly slide off my jeans and t shirt and Nick does the same.
We proceed and Nick lifts up the duvet and I slide under.

I feel my hair twirling around Nicks fingers as I slowly wake up from my sleep.
"Hey babe "I say kissing his lips delicately.
"Hey gorgeous "he says looking down .
It's then I realise that I'm totally nude except for the blanket covering my bare chest .
"Oh Jesus I'm sorry!"I shout tugging at the blanket that is spread across both of us.
"No no no you don't have to be sorry , it's completely fine, very attractive I might add ".

So Nick likes seeing me nude ? Well that's a first , Daniel used to say I was ugly to look at .

"Really ?"I question , loosing my grasp on the blanket.
"Yes why?"he says chuckling.
"It's just my ex Daniel said my body was ugly and I had the butt of a twelve year old boy "I sigh .
"Well ,"Nick says holding my hand "Daniel was a complete jack ass who didn't deserve you and he was clearly blind too".
Nick gently rubs my stomach and I giggle.
"Here put this on"Nick throws me one of his basketball t shirts and my underwear.
I slowly slide them on as he puts on some boxers.

"Emma can I ask you something ?"
"Yeah sure handsome "I say caressing his cheek and my hands running through his hair.
"You are really hot at the moment , like always ,and that t shirt looks way better on you than its does on me "he says licking his lips "so I was wondering since I can't resist the temptation to make out with you ?"
"Of course you didn't have to ask "I say biting my lip .
We lock lips and it's the perfect moment.

Suddenly the bedroom door flies open and Daniel is standing in the doorway eating an apple.
"What the f*ck Daniel?!"I scream.
"Oh sorry I will leave !"he says covering his eyes .
"You better perv!!"Nick shouts as we hear the front door close .
"That guy always has and always will be a jackass "I say shaking my head.
How the heck did he even get in?!
"Your not going to let him interrupt our little session are you ?"
"Nope "I say kneeling on the bed .
"Good ".
Nick cups my face in his hands and I lean into him , causing him to fall back on to the bed.
"Wow someone's eager !"
We kiss and Feel the passion.
I never want This to end.
"Ooooh someone's getting laid !"
I turn around and see a group of boys standing in the doorway .
"What the hell?! You guys are a bunch of Perverts why are you in here creeps?!"
I scream at them.
"Un you left the door open"he says between fits of laughter.
Oh crap!
"Oh well why would you come in if you weren't going to look then "I walk to the living room shut the front door and re enter Nicks room"I'm sorry but I'm not going to be the little slut who lets you drool over her ass and boobs all day, now move along !"
They stare at me in shock and quietly leave the apartment.

"Wow my girl is fiesty!i love it"Nick says smirking at me .
"Well one of us has to be "I say teasing him as I swivel my hips in his t shirt.
"Hey !"
He grabs me and pulls me on top of him.
"Oh god !"
Nicks morning glory is prodding my waist.
"What?"he asks curiously.
I giggle .
"Nick your um".
He looks down and turns bright red of embarrassment .
I Blush as he covers it with a pillow .
"It's fine Really baby "I say stroking his cheek.
"Emma how did I get so lucky to meet the girl of my dreams"he says as I lay my head gently on his chest.
I shrug my shoulders.
"Well I could say the same to you "I say teasing him as my lips touch his plump ones delicately.
"Em please just stop and kiss me "he demands .
I laugh and kiss his nose.
"Not there !"he whines grumpily.
"I know where you meant I just thought there would be more cute ".
"You are always cute "he says pecking my forehead.
I snuggle into him and he wraps one arm around my waist and the other around my chest .
Protecting me from all harm .

Hi guys I have loved writing this book I hope you have loved reading it.Don't panic this isn't The end I just wanted to say that when this does end I can officially announce that there is going to be a My Bad Boy Roommate sequel !!!
This book is far from ending just please comment what you think the sequel will be about below thanks love y'all Xxx

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