Hospital and stabbing

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"Stay calm it isn't that bad"
"Really that's what your going to say to me right now ?!"I question , my face turning bright red with anger and my hands shaking .
"I'm sure he just forgot "Rebecca says , her voice shaking with nerves.
"Okay ,okay ," I take a deep breath and exhale "you right , we still have ten minutes till its over ".
"Your always so nervous Em , don't worry"She flashes me a sheepish smile.

I'm seriously livid with Nick right now.Today was my first appointment to check my head injury and he promised that he would come for support .Rebecca showed up unexpectedly with Ryan which I do appreciate , I just can't stop thinking about Nick, I wonder why he is so late .

I slump back in the hard wooden chair fed up and depressed , my hair tied back away from my face ,and stare around the hospital.A nurse walks past and smiles at me , I smile back but I don't give it much effort or thought.
The bright white walls have only just been freshly painted , and that's the only strong scent around .
I cross my legs , my blue ripped jeans attracting lots of attention  and a handbag across my lap.
Suddenly Ryan appears from behind a corner with three cups of coffee in his hands .His blonde hair is scruffy underneath a baseball cap , and his body is slumped over and he's freezing,since he gave Rebecca his sweatshirt, but he won't admit it to her.He looks extremely tired since we have been here for 3 hours already .

My actual  appointment was scheduled for 7:00 , since I could only take a late time  due to my classes ,But Nick didn't show up at 7:00, so I extended my time for half an hour .However , he still didn't show up and I had to extend my time even further and change my appointment for 8:45 , and Ryan and Rebecca have been with me the whole time .
Currently my final time is up in 10 minutes and is 10:15 and I'm going to have to go in eventually , I just won't give up on Nick coming.
"Miss Waterson"the speaker announces my name for the 3rd and final time and I finally walk over .
I guess he Isn't coming then.
"Can I go in now ?"I ask placing my hand on the wooden desk.
"Yes room 44"she grins at me as she types on her computer.
"Thank you"I reply.
I gesture for Rebecca and Ryan to come over and they grab their belongings.
"Should I be worried ?"I ask them as we pace down the corridor.
"Don't worry "Ryan replies stretching his arms.
"Yeah "Rebecca giggles.
I turn around and see Ryan tickling Rebecca's ass and I roll my eyes.

We arrive at the room and slowly I tip toe inside.
It's covered in paintings of the countryside and plants are in every corner.
"Ah Miss Waterson great to see you here , but I thought we said 7:00?"
"Oh we did I had to change it around sorry"I apologise.
"Who do you have with you here ?"she asks as she stands up from her desk, her glasses tipping down her nose.
"My best friends Rebecca and Ryan"I reply as they wave politely  , Ryan's arm tightly around Rebecca's waist.
"Well I have it down you would be accompanied by Mr Cole"she says curiously.
"Yeah change of plans ".
She shrugs her shoulders and walks towards me and stares at my head.

After about 20 minutes of examinations and me clinging to Ryan and Rebecca's hands she calls me .
"Okay I have your results "she says handing me some sheets of paper.
"It seems you had a small infection but you somehow fought it off all on your own which is very unusual , and now your wound is healing ,but you will have to have this medicine twice a day for two weeks and then your wound will have healed completely  "she hands me a small bottle with my name scribbled on it .
"Thank you "I say relieved .
I shake her hand and leave the room and sigh.
"This is fantastic I'm okay"Ryan pulls us into a group hug and we Jump around smiling and laughing.
"I told you".
"Here's a kiss from us".
Then Ryan kisses one of my cheeks and Rebecca kisses the other .
"Weirdos "I scream pulling them towards me as they have fits of laughter.

Thank goodness I'm going to be alright , no surgeries for me .

We pull up outside the campus at 11:00 and I decide to let Ryan and Rebecca stay over at our apartment.
Suddenly I see a figure run towards me in the dark.
Suddenly I feel a hand hit my face and I
fall to the ground, my visions blurred.
"You are dating my Nick?!"she screams .
"What The hell Jessica ?!"Ryan yells as he and Rebecca pull me up from the ground .
"What! I know he dumped me years ago but she is getting in the way of us ever happening !"
"Who are you?"Rebecca's asks
"Jessica Tyler nicks ex girlfriend "she rolls her eyes as if it's obvious .
"Excuse me can you go?"I ask timidly whispering.
"Sure I'm wasting my time anyways "she looks me up and down.
Then I slap her across the cheek and she falls to the ground .
"Run!"I yell and we all run out of the parking lot.
"You bitch Emma Waterson watch your back!"
"Wait Emma we will just lock up our car and follow you up "Ryan nods at me and Rebecca smiles and they run to the car.
I swear Nick better be worth all this drama.

I quickly put the key in the lock and the door swings open.
"Nick?!"I yell.
I start panicking .
"Nick where are you ?!".
I look at the fridge and see a note
"So so sorry I couldn't come to your appointment baby I'm getting you a surprise to make it up to you love you always Nick xxx".
I nod my head and smile .
That guy just keeps making me fall harder for him every day ,even when he messes up.
Suddenly a hand covers my mouth and I scream .
"Show me where the good stuff is and know ones going to get hurt okay?"
I scream for Ryan and Rebecca .
"Let go!"
"Look princess have you never seen a burglary before , that's not how it works"he chuckles wickedly.
I scream once again.
"Sssh I'm just going to check the bedroom now don't move otherwise I will shoot "he pulls out gun from his left pocket and presses it deep into my skin.
He's going to shoot me and I'm going to die .
I nod my head and obey as he paces to my room.
He's in my bedroom and is going through all my things .

I run to the window and wave at Rebecca and Ryan .
Ryan notices me , looking confused ,and I open the window.
"Help ! Get help now I'm being robbed!"
Then I feel a sharp pain in my chest and he grabs my from behind.
"Help Bec Ryan ! help!"I scream tears streaming down my face in fright
I see the look of terror on their faces and Ryan staggers backwards in shock,they both go to run towards the entrance .
"No get help don't come here!"
I see them turn around and sprint to the car.

He pulls me away from the window .
"Now don't you dare say anything "he pulls out a sharp knife and gently pushes it into the side of my stomach .
I screech in pain.
I know that a stab wound can heel from where he stabbed me .
I start crying .
The blood is pouring all over me .
He wraps a cloth around my mouth so I can't speak .i struggle but it does nothing.
"Please stop please !"I beg , but he cant understand me.
Suddenly the door flies open and Nick is holding flowers .
The guy pulls me to the ground and covers my mouth so I stay silent and Nick can't see me .
I want nothing more than to Jump into his arms right now .
"Emma baby where are you?"he calls .
There's only one way I'm going to get his attention .
I kick the guys face with my boot and scramble to my feet along the carpet.
I run over to Nick , the blood pouring out of my side.
I make loads of noise and Nick turns around and looks at me , the tears all over my face and blood all over me .
"Oh my god Emma !"
The guy pulls me back and stabs me in the same spot .
With all the strength I have I pull the cloth away from my mouth.
"Help me please !"I scream and collapse on the ground in pain.
Nick punches the guy and he falls to the ground .
He grabs all of his weapons and throws them away from him.
I groan and Nick runs over next to me .
"Emma baby I'm so sorry I wasn't here stay with me please "he starts crying as he rocks me in his arms .
I then black out as my eyes feel heavy and close .

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