Ditching isn't cool

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"What was that?" I ask my head spinning around in all directions ,a num feeling buzzing over my whole body and my stomach churning in fear.

"I don't know " Nick reply's clueless and slightly unsure himself.

Suddenly I see the figure of a woman in a floral dress standing just beyond the gate screaming at the top of her lungs "What are you kids doing over there ?!"

"Run!" Nick yells and he wraps his hand around my wrist.

His grip tightens and I wince in pain as leaves and branches hit my face from every direction, my face leaking a droplet of blood as a piece of bark attacks my fragile skin.

The park is full of curious yet perplexed visitors , as they aimlessly watch as Nick and I race past.

Suddenly he stops.
It's as if he has been glued to the spot in the matter of a second.
I hear him gulp In fear and uncertainty but never the less he reaches for the closest over hanging branch.

"Climb up with me "he offers , but his tone suggests that it's more of a demand then a request.
Now typically I would not be ordered around by anyone, but in this particular instance I decide to abandon my argumentative instincts.

My heart starts racing , so fast I'm afraid it's going to leap out of my thumping chest ,and I feel the electrifying adrenaline rush through me .

We begin our journey climbing the tree in order to escape the villainous grasp of the "park police ".

"Nick," I pant breathlessly as we proceed scurrying up the lurching tree "This wasn't a very good idea was it?"

"Not one of my bests" he admits his voice dropping on the last word.

Suddenly as we not so gracefully leap down from the oak on to the other side beyond the forgotten tree , a group of people race towards us in a powerful ball of rage and revenge.

"I'm so sorry Emma " Nick murmurs ,and he runs as fast as he can away from me.

"Hey Nick!"I object.
This can not be morally right.

I stare hopelessly and stunned as he becomes a small figure in the distance.
Leaving me alone , planted on this spot to endure all the blame.

It turns out that it was a group of the park security guards who were coming over to find out who we were and why we were there.They escorted me back to the college in handcuffs where I was taken to principals office.

I mean were the handcuffs really necessary?it wasn't as if i had murdered or shot somebody.Or committed a crime so unforgivable that i was suddenly a threat to those who I encountered.

As I'm marched through the grounds of campus every student  glares and shakes their head in disgust and disapproval as they pass us, my head hanging in shame.If i was someone else i would assume that a dreadful crime had been committed , but not stupidly trespassing at  a park.

"We have already seen some bad behaviour from you Miss Waterson and it is very disappointing to see you repeating your bad behaviour and out of order actions".

"Yes I know and I was way out of line and I shall never do it again I promise Miss Brinston "I plead desperately fiddling with my fingers in suspense and anxiousness.

Im perched on the edge of a battered old office chair in the principals luxurious office.

"I hope so otherwise we will have to think about much more serious punishment, now was there anyone else involved?" The Principal questioned me  with a pen and paper in hand.

Now was my chance to get Nick in trouble, to insure that have received the same punishment and shame.

"No just me "I sigh.

"Okay then you may leave".

I stand up from my chair and leave the office . As I pace  back to the apartment I think about how Nick just abandoned me and left me to take the blame for everything, I know I could of told on Nick but it just didn't feel right.

Once I slowly enter my key in the lock and swing the door open , I hear Nick start talking to me .

"I'm so sorry let me explain".

"Forget it!" I slam the door and march to my room.

I hear Nick run after me but I shut my bedroom door in his face.

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