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"I'll get us some sodas "Rebecca marches into the kitchen to get the ice box.A stunned expression still spread across her face.
"I'll get the lilo"Nick walks out the back door and enters the Garage.
"I need to pee"Ryan runs up the stairs , hoping he'll make it before an accident happens Making me laugh.
So I walk into the back yard alone waiting for the others through the back door.
The grass in between my toes, I take a deep breath and sigh.
This is perfect.
The side of the pool is slippery from the water so I walk slowly so I don't fall over.Suddenly out of know here a footbball flies over the fence from next door , it hits me and I loose balance .I slide over and hit my head on the side of the pool.The pain hurts like hell.The ball lands next to my face .

A dizzy feeling comes over me and i touch my head and blood is covering my fingers .Suddenly everything turns into a blur , I force myself to get up and I hold onto the lounger .I pull myself up just as Nick walks outside .
However I loose balance and collapse on the floor.
"Hey Em I Oh my god what happened ?!"
He throws the lilo in the pool and runs over to me .
"It's fine I just ouch"I touch my head.
"Baby it's not fine your bleeding".
He lifts me up and lays me on the lounger.
He pulls out the first aid kit from underneath the lounger and wipes the blood with a cloth.
"How did this happen?did someone hurt you?!i will kill them if someone hurt you!"
"No Nick it was an accident , a football from next door hit me and I slipped over by the pool and hit my head that's the all"I wrap a bandage around my head.
"I'm going to kill them !"he growls.
"No Nick it's okay,"I stroke his cheek with my free hand"I'm fine really".
"Look at you , looking after me when your the one bleeding "he covers my hand with his "I love you baby".
"Oh my god what happened ?!"
Rebecca drops the ice box and runs over with Ryan behind her .
I can see rebecca's lipstick across Ryan's lips , someone got a sneaky make out session.
"I fell over , I'm fine "I cover my bandage.
"Omg your bleeding like loads"Rebecca turns white.
"Babe do too want to go to hospital "Nick rubs my shoulder.
"No I'm fine really"I grin , although I'm screaming inside .
"You sure?"Ryan asks concerned.
"Hey guys we -"Jay stops and looks at my head .
"Oh god what happened to you?"
I sigh.
"I just tripped and cut my head "I reply letting Nick secure the bandage.
"Omg Ems!"Ashley yells.
"Ash I'm fine it's okay "I hold Nicks hand .
"But you are -"
"Ashley she's fine calm down"Rebecca pats her shoulder.
"Guys I know this isn't really the time but could me and Emma maybe have some time alone?"Nick asks.
"Of of course I guess "Rebecca looks taken aback .
Ryan takes her arm and leads her into the house and Ashley and Jay follow , Jays hand touching Ashley's ass.
I roll my eyes and turn to face Nick.
"Yes "I reply smiling.
The sunlight shining on his dimples just right making him look even more perfect
"I really really like you Emma,"he takes my hands in his "and your the only girl I have ever loved ".
I feel my cheeks blushing like crazy.
"And I know this sounds fast but I really believe that we are going to work Emma , and I want to show you something that I got for you".
He stands up and lifts up his shirt.
There on his waist is a tattoo of a small heart with an E inside it.
"Nick I "I'm speechless.
"Do you like it?"he asks .
"Nick I love it , it's amazing thank you so much I can't believe you did this for me!"I hug him and shower his face with kisses.
"Well anything for my girl ".
The words my girl echo in my head and I can't stop thinking about it.I love Nick so much , he is perfect , in fact better than perfect.
"Your the best boyfriend in the whole entire world!"
"I love you Emma your stunning and kind and perfect "he kisses me .
I lean on his shoulder and look to see Ryan , Rebecca ,Ashley and Jay sitting watching us.
"Well you two are like Beyoncé and Jay Z"Ashley smiles.
They all stare at her strangely.
"Yeah they totally are the same "Ryan says sarcastically making us all laugh.
"You know Ashley i worry about you sometimes"Ryan pats her head like a dog.
"Hey!"she pushes him away and sulks .
We laugh more and I tell everyone about Nicks tattoo.
"OMG that's so romantic "Rebecca cuddles up to Ryan.
"Yeah it is "Ashley leans on Jays shoulder.
We all lay on the grass and Jay projects a movie on his screen and I lay with Nick , Ashley with Jay and Rebecca with Ryan.
About half way through the movie we start to hear kissing sounds and I look over.Ashley is kissing Jay again.
we all sigh and Nick rolls his eyes.
"Do you two ever stop , your practically eating each other"Nick chuckles and Jay looks up.
"It isn't my fault".
Ashley sits up too, her hair scruffy and messy.

We finish the movie and we all head inside the house.
Soon Nick and I are cuddling on the couch  , me laying on his chest.
Rebecca's head is on Ryan's lap her legs are dangling over the side of the other couch, and Jay and Rebecca are upstairs , you can guess what they are doing.
"This is great isn't it ?"Nick says.
"Yeah perfect "Ryan agrees kissing Rebecca's nose.
We hear noises from upstairs
"Yeah great"I roll my eyes and Nick kisses my cheek.

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