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Surrounding us is glistening, twinkling fairy lights tied to each tree,
each one swaying with the gentle breeze , picnic blankets scattered all across the fresh green grass,and a huge,blank white screen.

The air is thick with the sweet odour of candy and pretzels from the food stalls that have taken refuge outside the gateway to the entrance of the park , where many visitors decide to purchase delicious snacks after spending hours inside the area.
Personally ,I was never a "park person "which means that I the idea of sitting down on prickly grass and always having the worry that someone is going to hit you , kids with water guns or food and the constant screams and loud noises didn't appeal to me.

"What is all of this ?" I ask shocked at everything that presents itself to me.

"Its where they show movies on fridays,' Nick  says racing around, concentration painted on his face as he places her thumb to his temple "They just leave it out now as it takes forever to clean up".

"I bet " I say nodding in agreement sitting down on one of the numerous picnic blankets that there is.

Why was it chained shut though?After all it sort of his public land so it would hardly be trespassing, would it?

Nick takes the seat next to me just as my phone vibrates alerting me that I have a text message.

"We saw the party that you  had last night I hope to not see that behaviour again.

Madison University "

Oh crap.

Seriously , I swear this always happens to me.Its like I was "kindly"blessed with the amunity to having good luck ,but this time it isn't my fault.

"You can't have another party like that agin" I tell Nick in a serious tone.

"Why not ?" He says taken aback, like he wasn't expecting there to be a negative outcome from last night.

"One because I had to clean up everything ," I say staring at him I'm disappointment like a little kid "And I just got a text from the university saying that if you do we will be seriously punished ".
I hold my phone up displaying the bright screen to my Roomate.
"Fine" Nick sighs reluctantly as he sips from the water bottle carried in his back Jean pocket.

We striked up conversation discussing our high schools and what our status's ,my obvious response was absolutely not and Nicks reply was yes (of course )instantly.

"Did you ever date someone ?" I ask Nick curiously ,deep down knowing what his response would be.

"Yes of course! " Nick shouts loudly , in an over the top manner.

"I guessed " I answer rolling my eyes.

" What about you?" Nick questions.

"Well I dated once but then found out that he was cheating on me with my best friend so that didn't end very well"I tell him scratching the back of my neck uncomfortably , my palms becoming warm and sweaty .

" Well people who cheat are jerks "Nick says smiling sympathetically.

"Did you ever cheat on someone?"I ask looking up to him , tilting my head to the right as to avoid the sunlight blinding my vision.

"No not even once" He reply's with a glowing proud look plastered on his face.

"Wow i'm shocked " I answer teasingly covering my mouth.

"Shut up!" He yells sarcastically .

We sit beside one another for what feels like forever just talking and I feel like I have finally seen Nicks true colours , but soon get up and decide to leave .

When we reach the huge iron gate to exit paradise we hear  a loud ear piercing scream.

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