Back togther ?

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I decided to stay at Jay and Ashley's tonight since I don't want to face Nick yet, It is just to soon.
They welcome me to stay in the guest bedroom near where willow sleeps , but I have grown rather fond of the little fluff ball , so I should be okay with that.
I do appreciate them letting me me stay , but I just feel like I'm invading there private time alone together .

It had been four days that I had been staying with them and I have heard nothing from Nick, even though Jay has visited him countless times .

"You know , maybe Nick wasn't thinking straight Em"Ashley suggests as we watch Sex in the City 2 together on the couch , with willow in between us.
Jay was still out with Nick , so I presume he will be home soon.
"Yeah I suppose .but he said so himself Ash , that he wants to see other people "I shrug my shoulders and continue watching the movie .
"I'm so sorry about it all em , it's a mess "Ashley's slings an arm around me and hugs me tightly .
"Thanks Ash but I'm fine really , it will take time but I will be okay , eventually "I say sighing .
Suddenly I hear the front door open.
"Jay?!"Ashley calls .
"Yes !"he replies .
"Hi baby!"
"Hey gorgeous !"
Ashley turns around to face Jay and he pecks her lips .
However , standing behind him is a weak guilty looking Nick.
His eyes are all red and puffy as if he has been crying for hours, and his hair is horribly messy.
I stand up from the couch .
"I think I'm going to go to bed now "I say rubbing behind willows ears as she paws at my hand impatiently .
"Um okay em , but what about the movie ?"Ashley questions .
"Oh just watch it without me I have seen it millions of times , we can watch it again tomorrow if you want Ash?"
"Yeah great "she says grinning awkwardly .
I walk past Jay and he stops me.
"Talk to him em please "he says firmly .
"Not right now just give me time !"I say trying to budge past.
"No !"
"Jay let her Through now , and both of you get here !"Ashley shouts to them like little kids .
The pains from my injuries start taking over my body.
"Em let me help"Nick says approaching me.
"No I'm fine!"I say screaming as I push him away.
He looks hurt and I feel guilty , but he broke up with me .
"There gone I'm okay"I sigh and stand up straight .
"What was that?"Ashley questions shocked .
"Oh just some pains I'm okay".

I mouth goodnight to her from the doorway and listen intently to there conversation .
"Do you have any clue how upset she is right now , and she doesn't need him showing up here when she is still in this state !"she hisses at both of them , glaring at Nick.
"Sorry but I thought it would help "Jay pleads .
"Can I talk to her?"Nick questions .
I freeze before quickly running to the guest room where Willow is waiting on the bed for me .
"Hey cutie "I whisper before sitting down , allowing her to climb all over my lap.
She nuzzles into my chest and I sigh.
I missed Nick so much more than I thought .
Suddenly I hear a faint knock on the wooden door.
"Come in".
Nick appears in the doorway before closing it behind him.
"Emma I-"
"No listen , I loved you Nick , I still do love you .But what you did truly hurt me bad and I can't get over that .But the awful thing is I'm still madly in love with you and I don't know how you feel anymore ".
I start crying , right in front of him.
For the first time I feel uncomfortable so I wipe the tears away.
"Emma please forgive me , dear god please ?"he asks.
"But how can I , can I trust you ?"
"Yes of course I swear to god !"
"But you have messed up so many times "I say leaving away from him.
"Emma I promise ".
"It's not as easy as that Nick.."

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