Dad?&energy kiss

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I gaze longingly at Nick as we cuddle together on the couch watching Lady and the Tramp, his hair nearly covering his eyes as it strokes his forehead.

I replay all of the events from last night in my head ,and how they made me feel .Nick does have an ego the size of the earth and he can be a jerk but he also can be kind of sweet.

"Why did you hate me ?"I ask sitting up looking at him , curious to hear his response.
"Who said I hated you ?"he reply's widening his eyes in confusion.
"No one you just gave that impression that's all".
He stares at me and a smirk appears on his face , and he chuckles .
"We were just different "he tells me his hand stroking my cheek delicately.
"And now?"I bring my face close to his .
"I've fallen for you".
We kiss and he wraps his arm around me pulling me closer to his body, the warmth of our bodies touching creates an electric shock of excitement.

Suddenly there's a persistent , loud Knock on the door .
"I'll get it "Nick stands up and kisses my forehead before leaving me to continue watching one of my favourite Disney classics.

I don't know why but I have fallen for Nick overnight .Yesterday when Becca told me that it was him who spread the rumours in high school I hated him , now it's all changed .Ive forgiven him and he's changed .

"Um Em it's for you ".
I jump off the couch and pace to the door in my blue fluffy socks , curious to see who wants to see me.
Nick puts his left arm over my shoulder as I stand next to him at the door.
"Excuse me but You have a visitor ,"the woman has a slick brown Bob and a square face , with a pair of huge glasses , she's carrying a clipboard"it's your father ".

My heart sinks, I start to feel sick , knowing that he had come to try and probably make it up to me and say how sorry he was for what he did .

"I'll be ready in a minute "I reply my mouth gone dry with shock and nerves.
"Just go to the main office "she nods her head ,turns on her heels and walks down the corridor , her high heels echoing.
I shut the door and sigh.
"Do you want me to come with you ?"Nick asks Trying to be supportive .
"Um no I think it's best I go alone ".

Once I'm ready ,wearing my smartest white dress and hair straightened ,I take a deep breath and walk to the main office .

I quietly knock on the door and I hear a voice "come in".

This is it,years of waiting for this moment.I hope he has a good reason.

As I walk in I see a man I don't even recognise sitting in the chair , this can be my dad!he has brown hair , his abs show through his shirt  and he has a few hairs on his chin .The last time I saw him he was overweight,he had a beard and his hair was never really brushed.

"Dad?"I ask sitting down in the chair opposite .
"Um yes"he answers awkwardly .
I stare in disbelief .
"Does um mom know your here?"
"No I figured she would come down here and stop me from seeing you so I didn't tell her".
"She deserves to know"I explain .My mom raised me alone for most of my life so she deserves to know if my dad comes to visit me.
It's silence.
"I'm so proud of you for getting into college "He says smiling attempting to change the subject.
"Yeah me and mom dreamed of me attending this college "I tell him through gritted teeth.

He presses his hand on mine .
"I'm so sorry for what I did"He apologises .
"An apology won't cut it this time "I tell him snatching my hand from his grasp.
Am I being too hard on him?
"It's not my fault that your mother made me unhappy,the marriage was broken down, she was controlling and selfish!"he explains standing up from the chair.

This is my chance , for once I'm not going to let him talk like that about my mom .
"Hold on a sec,"I stand up and look him straight in the eyes "You quit on us ,you just gave up and moved on, mom stayed and dealt with the reality .I had to watch you fly away to Vegas why we stayed in our crappy apartment .So don't stand there and act like you are the hero in this story ,because to me you are quite the opposite !'
I jump up from my seat and march to the door.
"Nice seeing you dad "I open the door and leave in triumph.
Did that just happen?Did I just stand up to my dad ,for real?

As I walk on the campus I remember all the good moments I shared with my dad , to be fair there weren't that many .when Suddenly there's a loud shouting coming from my behind a tree.I try and peer behind it to see what's going on but don't get a good view , so I slowly creep over.My eyes focus on a two girls yelling insults at each other .
"You knew I was dating him!"
"I know but he said he wasn't happy with you and he wanted to be with me !"
The insults go back and forth until one of them looks at me .
"Who are you and why are you here?!"
"Oh um I was just passing by"I stutter awkwardly .
"Well get going twinkle toes !"
I nod and start walking at a fast pace to the apartment block .

As I knock on the apartment door I hear voices shouting inside.
Nick opens the door and sighs.
"Oh it's just you"he says in disappointment .
"Excuse me?!"
I see three guys laying on the couch together with beer bottles in hand.Oh damn it not this again!
"Oh it's your roommate "One of the guys stands up.
Has he not said anything ,does nobody know that we are more than that?
"Actually I'm his-"
"Carer ,"Nick Interrupts me "she helps me when I'm drunk "he says sarcastically .
"Nothing more bud?"Another one of his friends asks .
That's exactly what I would like to know!
"Nah"Nick objects.
Is he embarrassed of me .Am I not what his friends pictured his type of girl to be?am I not good enough .
"Nick we need to talk "I interrupt their conversations.
"Sure thing ".
"In private "I tell him hinting to his friends .
"Fine we will leave you too alone "his friends jump to the door and leave laughing .

I grab his arm and shut the door behind them
"What the hell?!"
"Look my friends just don't know about 'us' yet"he informs me.
"Am I an embarrassment to you?"I ask him my eyes filling with tears .
"No of course not Em"he strokes my arm.
"No Nick what the hell, you can't just talk about me like that and then just assume that I'm going to get over this this quickly"I force myself away from his touch.
"Em I'm sorry I just didn't get the chance to tell them"he pleads
I breath heavily .
"I promise"he smiles apologetically and his arms snake around my waist.
I slowly approach his lips with mine and we lock lips.
He kisses with energy and passion which is overwhelming but enjoyable.
I feel him stroke my skin with his thumbs and stroke his hair .
He quickens the pace of the kiss and he thrusts me against the wall.
I touch his chest through his shirt and his hands slip underneath my top.
My body falls into his as he leans into me.
Suddenly he lets go and slides off his shirt.
I laugh and do the same .
So now we are kissing shirtless.
His hands rub my waist and I wrap my arms around his neck.
He slides of his jeans and I do the same with my skirt.
We fall onto the couch where he lays beside me , sighing .
He gently kisses me neck and caresses my cheek.
I smile and stare at him .
He wraps his arms around me and I lean on his shoulder .
"I really like you Nick"I tell him quietly .
"I really like you too Emma "he whispers back .....

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