Old friends new crush?

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Im perched on my bed , anxiously on the phone to my mom trying to explain everything that's happened to my mom, basically re wording the whole story so it doesn't sound as bad on my part.
"Mom I know it sounds awful but I can explain-"
"Emma you don't need to explain I have heard it all from your principal !" She yells interrupting me,clearly really pissed off at me which I don't blame her for.
"Mom it's not my fault !"
"Well who else had a party in your apartment and dragged you over the park into a restricted area !?" She asks not expecting an answer, which I could give .
"It was my roommate " I whisper hoping Nick doesn't hear me.
"Even if that was true you could have easily said no!"
I open my mouth to speak but can't think of anything to say , she has me trapped.
"Emma I was sitting at home all by myself worrying about you and how you will cope on your own , I tell myself that I'm so lucky to have such a responsible daughter who won't do anything stupid on her own when I get a phone call and hear all of this !"My mom shouts down the line , her voice starts cracking in disappointment.
"Mom I should go to sleep now"I whisper humbly and ashamed.
"Yes you should , goodnight ".
"Goodnight "I reply and she hangs up.
My mom has never hung up before , I'm always the first to hang up , she clearly didn't want to talk to me any longer.
I fall back on my bed , my head landing on my pillow.

Nick is such a freakin idiot. I can't believe I thought for one moment he could actually be nice , I was clearly blind. He has made my mom absolutely hate me .He just left me there , not even taking half the blame for what happened. Maybe I should ask to move, or at least get a new roommate .No I can't be bothered to pack up all my stuff and move rooms or get a new roommate.

I slowly sit up , unable to sleep and Enter the living room. I have been avoiding Nick all night and we haven't spoken once since the park incident.

I slowly sit on the couch and turn on the TV , An old Disney movie is playing on the movies channel.
I wish life was like a Disney movie , the princess is always saved by the prince ,
Pinnocio becomes a real boy even Freakin frozen has a good ending.

Suddenly my phone beeps in my hand and I look and see a text from Rebecca , my ex best friend.

"Hi it's me I know you probably hate me still after what happened and you have every right to just please listen . Daniel cheated on me to and I'm heartbroken , I don't have anyone else to talk to but you . We used to be best friends and I miss having you as a friend , I never should have chose Daniel over you . Please reply maybe we could meet up some time , I'm sorry.
Bec Xxx"

Wow.Im so shocked by the whole thing my jaw drops open. I would normally have said "Go away our friendship is done!" But I want to make things up to my mom. She always liked Rebecca and hated it when we had our fight , also I miss her too . I quickly type my reply.

"Hi I forgive you. Sorry but that was really hard for me to say.I can't believe Daniel did to you , two timing jerk .I miss having you as my Bestfriend to and would love to meet up with you and talk maybe over coffee.It would be great if we could be friends again . I'm sorry for shutting you out for forever.
Em Xx"

I hit send and put my phone down, I wait anxiously for a reply , wondering what her response will be .

Suddenly my phone beeps again and I suspect it's Rebecca , however it's from Nick.
The message says "Look outside👀"
I toss my phone and walk over to the window . I pull the curtain so it is no longer blocking my view.
I look down and see Nick on the grass with the words IM SORRY spelt out in gorgeous flowers by candlelight.

I can't believe my eyes as he foolishly grins at me through the glass. I smile in return and rush always from the window.I quickly put on my sneakers and rush down the stairs to him.

Once I'm outside I walk towards him wrapping my arms around myself as its freezing cold.
"I thought I owed you an apology " he says.
"You freakin did " I reply rolling my eyes sarcastically.
He laughs.
"Forgiven ?" He asks walking towards me.
I nod and give him a hug . Suddenly a feeling comes over me . Something I haven't felt in forever. I close my eyes and smile as realisation waves over me.

I like Nick.

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