The final fourth of july

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"Nick are you ready?!"I call out as I place the red bandana around my head tying it up near my chestnut brown ponytail.
I pull out the leaking lipstick tube from my messy makeup bag balanced on my vanity ,and smear my lips with the bright shade and thick substance .

Tonight is the Fourth of July and we are all celebrating at Nicks parents house , and all of our friends and family will be there.
I have been looking forward to this all year round and can't wait to see everybody .Nothing could possibly dampen my mood .

I stare at my reflection in the mirror of my vanity .

The Fourth of July is one of my favourite holidays , and I also love it since it signifies the beginning of summer and the start of something new .

I stand up from the wooden chair , and slide on my white tank top with a drawn American flag on it ,my blue washed out jeans and white converse .I Also decided to top it all off with my favourite bright bold red lipstick .For once I feel like I stand out , and won't just blend in with the crowd .

I slowly stand up and walk through the hallway into the living room on my phone when I strange text message comes through ,
"Hey it's me , can we talk ?"
It was a no Caller ID which made it even stranger .
I stare at the phone , curious to who is trying to contact me.
Perhaps they got the wrong number , easy mistake I thought .
"Hey nick come here "I call my voice shaking .
I hand him the phone as he enters the room , his chest bare and torso on display .
I don't mind if he catches me staring at him anymore since I bet he finds it flattering .He is a bit ego obsessed in that strange way.
"Take a picture it will last longer "he laughs as he deletes The odd phone number.
"Why take a photo when I can just drool over my boyfriend "I kiss his cheek and he pulls me into a tight hug and pecks  my head .
"I love you more than anything em you know that right ?"he whispers .
"Yes and I love you more Nick ".
We just stand there for a few minutes until it is time to leave .
Nick decided to wear a shirt with the colours blue red and white in a tie dye style  , with the words freedom written on it .He is also wearing a pair of black jeans and his favourite white sneakers .

"Ready for the Fourth of July princess?"
"You bet I am !"I shout enthusiastically .
Nick grabs me suddenly and throws me over his shoulder , me giggling uncontrollably ,as he races down the staircase into the parking lot where he gently places me down beside him.

"Race you too the car!"I sprint as fast as my legs can go and my thighs burn but Nicks still beats me , but I am a very Close second .
"Wow your fast, rematch ?"
"Another time "I sigh gasping for breath .
He chuckles as i jump in the passengers seat and buckle my seatbelt .
"Onto the road !"Nick exclaims as he reverses out of the parking lot .

I select my favourite song on nicks playlist , rather be by Jess Glynne .
Nicks laughs as I dramatically sing along to the vocals , throwing my arms around .Eventually he can't resist joining in and hums along to the melody , while I sing the tune .

After a while I open my window and lightly lean my head out and feel the breeze attack my face .
College has been the best year of my life , I have made so many memories and met some amazing people that I will never forget .
I don't want it to end , and I hope the constant fun random things will continue happening .

I stare across at Nick , I don't realise how lucky I am to have him really .Everybody says the girl is the prize which is true but still.
"We're here !"Nick turns off the ignition as the familiar home of his folks comes into view in front of us upon the driveway .
"Wow that was fast , was you speeding ?"I question raising an eyebrow.
Nick chuckles and pats my shoulder .
"Your so innocent "he pecks my cheek before climbing out of the vehicle .
I sigh and jump down from the car , dusting off my jeans .

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