Party in the rain

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I wake up with Nicks arm stretched around me and my face buried in a comfortable pillow .
What happened last night?i can't even remember .
Then it all comes flooding back to me.
The skinny dipping , Claire Jays ex and my cuddles with Nick, i sigh.

Than a thought comes to mind.
I need to get a glass of water as my throat feels like sand paper.
Nick hadn't woken up yet and I don't want to disturb him so I carefully and quietly lift myself up with the strength in my arms.I slide out of the position I'm in and try and crawl out of the bed.
Then I realise my foot is stuck underneath Nicks back.
Great this is just what I need.
Then just as I try and move  I slide on the slippery quilt and tumble to the wooden floor making a loud *thud*.
Nick sits up and rubs his eyes.
He looks down at me and smirks.
"You have an accident ?".
"Yep"I sigh and I pull myself up.
"Hey come here gorgeous"he pats his chest.
I gently sit down on his chest so my legs are balanced on his waist.
"Are you hurt?"he asks.
I pout and he laughs.
"No I'm fine baby it's okay "I kiss his forehead and my hands run through his hair.
My long brown hair is covering his shoulders.
He starts twirling it around his fingers which he knows I love.
"Come on we should go get breakfast ".
I jump off him and grab his right hand .
He groans and I can't help smirking and blushing.
I pull him up and along with all my strength.
"Hey come up here".

I jump on Nicks back and we race down the stair case.In the kitchen is Rebecca making pancakes and Ryan is drizzling syrup over his plate .Jay and Ashley are sitting at the table in their pyjamas reading a magazine , then I hear a noise on the window.
"What's that?"I ask as I walk towards the window.
Then I see raindrops attacking the glass, the grass in the back yard looking wet and slippery.
"It's raining "I whine taking the seat next to Ashley.
"Yeah we noticed earlier , it woke me up this morning "Ashley says to me while turning the page of her fashion magazine.
"That sucks "I pout.
"Poor baby"Nick says sarcastically and he kisses the top of my nose.
"Ryan take it easy on the syrup !"Jay yells urgently and takes the syrup away from him.
"Your pancakes are swimming in it babe"Rebecca says pecking his cheek.
"What I love syrup!"He says his mouth full of pancake.
We all laugh and Nick slowly walks over with two plates of pancakes and coffee.
"Thanks babe"I say and start drooling the syrup over them.
Nick takes the seat next to me and soon Rebecca joins us.
"So what shall we do today?"Jay asks , while drinking some of his coffee.
"Well not much considering the weather"Rebecca sighs and starts chewing the buttermilk pancakes.
"We could do something fun indoors "I suggest.
They all look at me strangely,like I'm an alien .
"Like what though?"Ashley asks.
"Well , "I have a quick idea and get Rebecca's attention from across the table "Bec do you remember what we used to do in high school ".
"Oh yeah that was fun!"she throws her arms in the air .
"What?"Jay Asks.
"We used to have parties in the rain , just dance "I grinned.
"We should totally do that "Nick rubs my shoulder .
"I'm going to go get ready"Rebecca slides her chair in Ryan stands up.
"Not without me you won't ".
Rebecca laughs and Ryan chases her out the room and up the stairs.
I roll my eyes and Nick leads me upstairs to our room.
I hear moaning downstairs and I know straight away what Ashley and Jay are doing.
"You know baby we haven't had any time alone "his arms snake around my waist and he kisses my neck.
"Stop not now we have to get ready "I giggle and pull away to take my dress out of my suitcase.
"Don't spoil it Em"he pouts making me grin.
I slowly take my pyjamas off and they fall into a heap on the floor.
My body feels cold so I quickly rush into the shower .

I take a hot shower and the warm water  runs down my body.I wash my hair with strawberry scented shampoo making my hair smell amazing and fresh.I scrub my body with a sponge and climb out.
I wrap a towel around me and walk towards the hairdryer already plugged in by the sink.

I don't take to long blow drying it as it's going to get wet anyway and I just leave some of it damp.

I walk out of the bathroom and see Nick already changed.
He is wearing a blue t shirt and black jeans and boots.
His hair styles messy.
Suddenly I accidentally drop the towel .
I'm completely exposed but I don't feel uncomfortable , I used to but now I don't.Nick widens his eyes and smirks.
I walk over to the closet wear I have already hung up my chosen dress.
It's tight blue lace and it falls just above my knees.
To go with it I have a perfect pair of matching blue pumps.
I change and straighten my hair .
All the while listening to my favourite album 1989.
"You look perfect "Nick looks speechless.
"Thank you don't look so bad yourself stranger "I peck him on the lips and lead him out of the door , running down the stairs.
We enter the kitchen and see Ashley wearing one of her original dresses she designed , it's white with rose gold coloured straps and waist and its lace.Her long blond hair is wavy and she looks amazing.
Jay is wearing a white shirt and black trousers and his hair is styled with gel upwards.
Rebecca has her favourite purple lace dress on and has straightened hair.She has a dark pink lipstick on and purple high heels.
Ryan is wearing a white v neck and grey shorts and his hair was messy like Nicks.
"Ready?"I ask.
"Yes let's do this ".
Jay turned up the speakers so they were blasting outside Witt the music .
Then we all ran outside and started dancing.
The song Shut up and Dance starts blasting into my eardrums and my heart beats faster .
Oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me I said your holding back she said shut up and dance with me.
Nick twirls mean the rain and I laugh , the rain drops hitting me cheek.
Nick kisses me and it's a Perfect moment like a romance movie that I never want to end .

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