All together

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"Nick oh my god I can't believe it !"
"So is it a yes?"he asks .
"Of course it's a yes "I throw my arms around him and he kisses my head.
"I'm so relived I thought you -"
I stop him in his sentence and kiss him on the lips .He is shocked but he smiles.
We kiss and Nicks hand runs through my hair down my waist and picks me up , my legs wrapping around his waist.
"God Nick get a room!"
We stop immediately and turn around .
"Your like animals ".
Standing in the white wooden  doorway is a tall blond boy drinking a can of soda with a disgusted expression on his face.
"Jay this is Emma ,"Nick says wrapping his right arm around my waist"my girlfriend".
He nods his head at me and I smile.
"Well I have seen Nick kiss a lot of girls but none of them like that, so you must be pretty special "Jay says taking a gulp from his soda.
"Thanks I think"I say unsure if I should take that as a complement .
He tuts at me and mumbles something to himself.
"Jay just broke up with his girlfriend that's why he's acting a bit of ass"Nick whispers in my ear.
"Okay"I reply.
"Well I guess I will leave you too alone "he grunts .
"I'll catch you later Jay"Nick tells him giving him a quick wave.
Jay acknowledges it and walks back into the living room dragging his feet along the floor.
"Well come on let's swim "Nick grabs my hand and leads me into the house carrying my suitcase with the other.
As soon as I enter the house I can tell it is owned by a teenage boy.But I can't stop wondering how he could afford such a huge house ? Perhaps his parents are rich.
The house is bright and colourful with pictures of sports and plastic cups spread across the floor.I can see a football by the back door with Nicks jersey thrown over an armchair.
I'm lead up the huge spiral stair case into a black and white room with a television ,bed and wardrobe with magazines spread across the bed .
"Did you bring a swim suit?"He asks throwing my suitcase on the bed and unzipping it .
"Yes , I hoped that we would go swimming "I grin at him as I sit on the bed next to the case.
"Why did you come down here ?"Nick asks as I such for my swim suit.
"Because I wanted too see you that's all.
He stops what he's doing and scratches his head.
"You panicked about why I left so quickly didn't you "he sighs and sits next to me on the bed.
"Yeah"I admit leaning on his shoulder.
"You didn't need to ,"he moves my hair out the way and kisses my neck "I got here so quickly to get the keys to the apartment".
"I've really missed you  Em"He hugs me.
"Nick I can't tell you how much I've missed you"I reply snuggling in this chest , staring up into his eyes.
"I will never leave you ever again Emma"He kisses my cheek.
"I love you Nick".
"I love you more ".
I want this moment to last forever but of course it doesn't , it has to end at some point.When we break apart I grab my swimsuit from the suitcase and stand up from the bed.
Then without thinking I take my shirt off and undo my bra , and it falls to the ground in a small heap.
"Oh my god "I realise and pick my shirt off the floor and cover my chest.
Nick chuckles and stares at me .
"Emma I have seen you naked before you don't have to worry ".
I nod my head and slowly release my shirt from my grip and it falls down to the ground .
At first I feel extremely uncomfortable but then I soon relax.
"I'm just going to get my swim shorts from downstairs I'll be back in a second"Nick leaves the room and I hear him run down the stairs.
I pick up my red swim suit and decide to wear my bikini instead.
I look much better in my bikini anyways.
I finally find my blue bikini at the bottom of the suit case, after searching for a while ,and start to change.
Suddenly the door swings open and Jay is staring at me , wide eyes and cheeks blushing .
I scream and run to the other side of the room and wrap myself in a robe hanging up on the wall.
"I I I'am so sorry "he stutters still not taking his eyes off me .
"What happened up here?"Nick asks standing in the door way , out of breath from running up the stairs after hearing me scream.
"Jay walked in on me changing "I reply wrapping the robe tightly around my waist ,feeling uncomfortable that I'm naked in front of two guys.
"It was an accident Nick I swear it"Jay pleads, his mouth going dry.
"Jay just please go to your own room"Nick shuts the door in Jays face , and I hear his footsteps outside the door.
"I'm sorry about that , he sometimes walks into the wrong room"Nick shrugs his shoulders and walks behind me.
"You think he would know his own room in his own house though ".
Suddenly I feel Nicks arms around my waist and he hugs me from behind.
My head falls back onto his shoulder and I feel kisses on my neck.The are soft and feel like butterflies.
We break apart and Nick slides his shorts off and soon he is fully naked walking around the room.I can't help but secretly look and blush.He notices and smirks.
A slide my bikini on and grab my beach towel and sunglasses.
I follow Nick down the stairs into the back yard in my sandals .
The sun is boiling and the palm trees are swaying from a gentle breeze.I lay my beach towel on a sun lounger and take off my sandals .
I see Nick looking into the water and I can't resist pushing him in .
I get splashed a little but it was worth seeing his reaction.I can't stop laughing .But his head doesn't come out of the water and I start to panic.What if I pushed him to hard and he hurt his head?
I lean over and look in.Suddenly Nick jumps out the wraps his arms around me and pulls me in.I feel the cold water all over my body and the water goes up my nose .
I come up for air and see Nick laughing hysterically .
"Hey !"
"You pushed me in first "he says smiling l.cough and splutter and Nick swims over to me.
"You okay?"He asks picking me up in the water.
I nod my head and splash him .
"Naughty girl "he shakes his head and he rubs our noses together.
He kisses the tip of my nose and I giggle .
We swim together for a while before getting out drying with the beach towels and lying on the loungers for a while.
I lay across one with my head wrested on Nicks lap , I feel him playing with my hair and I sigh .
"This is perfect isn't it Em"he tells me as he twirls my hair around his fingers.
"Yes"I agree closing my eyes.
I open my eyes and sit up .
Standing by the pool is Rebecca waving her hands excitedly the sun shining on her and she's with someone.
"Rebecca it's so good to see you"I run over and hug her.
The guy with her is Ryan from my birthday party.
"Ryan , you too ?"I look at them confused.
"We are kind of dating "Ryan replies wrapping his arm around Rebecca.
"Oh great that's wonderful".
Nick walks over and punches Ryan's shoulder sarcastically.
"Hey Ryan haven't seen you in a while , how you been?"Nick asks standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist , his head on my shoulder.
"I've been great , fantastic actually".
I see Ryan squeeze Rebecca's hand and she grins at him.
"I'm so happy for you too"I say nodding my head.
"Thanks "Rebecca replies.
"Who let you In?"I ask Rebecca.
"The miserable guy in the house ,"Rebecca points towards the house "we said we knew you and he just let us in".
"He recognised me "Ryan replies.
We all sit down on the loungers and talk and laugh together and Nick starts playing football with Ryan on the grass,I know I'm not an expert on football but  I have never seen Nick play before but he is amazing .
"Guess what?"she asks me.
"Ashley is coming out here too , she said she wants to see everyone "she shows me her phone , the screen shows a message from Ashley saying "I'm coming out there".
"This is fantastic!"I yell.
It turns out I was really loud and Nick and Ryan looked over at me and laughed Rebecca joined in and soon I was laughing too.Nick blew me a kiss and I caught it with my hand.
"Who's that grumpy guy?"Rebecca asks drinking her lemonade.
"Oh that's Nicks friend Jay , I know he's pretty grumpy "I say , eating a piece of watermelon .
Suddenly we hear a loud bang coming from inside the house.
Nick grabs my hand and Ryan takes Rebecca's .
We slowly walk towards the house .
"Jay you okay man?!"Nick calls .
But there is no response.
The back door slowly swings open and I squeeze Nicks hand.
What is happening ?!
Nick leads into the house , me close behind and Rebecca and Ryan following .
We approach the living room doorway and hear muffled voices .
Then we all look in the the living room and my jaw hits the ground.
Laying on the couch is Jay making out with Ashley.
"Woah Jay!"Nick yells .
The break apart , Ashley's lipstick spread across Jays face.
"I see you two have met".
They blush .
"Are you um okay with this Nick?"Ashley asks , hopeful.
"Yeah sure "Nick shrugs his shoulder.
They carry on kissing and we all leave the room.
"Well I didn't expect that ".

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