Girls last night out

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"Loosen up Em and stop being so uptight !"
Ashley waves a shot glass at my face , the loud music pounding into my ears and my heart beating out of my chest .I look at her placing my hands uncomfortably on my waist , my tight white dress barely letting my breath , just as she trips over her own feet , and tries to play it off .

Reluctantly I take a sip from the glass.
I spit it out in disgust  and accidentally spill it all over Ashley's tight Black dress , that fits her like a glove.
"Jesus Em you have ruined her dress !"Rebecca scolds me.
"I I am sorry it was an accident "I stutter ,trying to wipe it off with a napkin , but I just make it 10 freaking times worse.
"Just leave it Emma , now no guy is going to want me ,I look like I eat like a baby !"Ashley rolls her eyes at my groans .

I don't pick them up on their attitude or freaking rudeness since I know if they were sober they would be acting nothing like this ,but the comments they whisper about me still hurts like hell.

Tonight was meant to be our last girls night  , since we are all flying home tomorrow for finals and Graduation at college.I was so looking forward to a night out in a club , since I don't get the chance to party very often, but it hasn't played out very well so far.

"Hey girl are you sore ?"Some random guy asks me , putting his slimy hands on my butt .
"Excuse me ?!"I slap them away.
"Because it must have hurt when you fell from heaven "he smirks at me and raises an eyebrow .
I roll my eyes at his terrible pick up line .
"What do you want ?"I ask , even though I know deep down what he's after, and it makes my stomach turn .
"You honey "he caresses my cheek and rubs the skin on my chest .
"I don't think so asshole"I fold my arms
"Try me ".

I grab his wrist and  flip his arm over and so its lying on his back .
He screeches in pain .
"Bitch "he mutters under his breath .
"Jackass"i let go of my clasp around his wrist and he quickly turns around and secures his hands on my shoulders, so I'm trapped and unable to move .

"Jackass"i let go of my clasp around his wrist  and he quickly turns  around and secures his hands on my shoulders, so I'm trapped and unable to move

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"Let go of me !"I shout as he pulls at my tight grey jumper.
"Not a chance baby".

That's what Nick calls me , it's not what random strangers call me , especially not a jack ass like this guy .Im Nicks girlfriend.

I spit in his face.
"Bitch !"
and he wipes it away and glares at me , his grip on my shoulders tightens.
I start to feel pain , but I fight back the tears.
"Kiss me!"
I shake my head stubbornly and kick him.
"You are going to kiss me otherwise things might get out of hand "He licks his lips and I feel like I'm trapped .
"Not if you were the last guy on this earth!"I shout .
Where are my friends ?!
"Kiss me otherwise your friends are in for it !"
It's as if he read my mind , knowing that I would turn to them for help.

He turns around and points to the dance floor , where Ashley and Rebecca are moving to the rhythm of the music , their heads bouncing back and forth in time.

"You wouldn't dare , you bastard!"I  shake my head and try and move .
"If that's how it's going to be ".
I see two guys suddenly approach Ashley and Rebecca , they are holding to broken bear bottles  , the glass shattered.
I can't let my friends get hurt , it's just one lousy kiss it will mean nothing .
"Wait,"I plead "I will do it , just don't hurt them ".
He nods his head and smirks at me .
The two men look at him and he shakes his head , they suddenly walk away casually as if nothing happened.
"I knew you would come around baby".
"Fine , but no tongues and the hands stay above the waist and away from the boobs got it "I say slightly frightened .
"And the entire time your hands stay above your head , no matter what and if not then your friends -"
"Fine"I reply placing my arms above my head on the wall.
"Whatever you say baby"he bites his lips.
I see his lips approaching mine so I close my eyes .
I then feel it , his lips aggressively attacking Mine .
His hands rub my butt , my first thought is too slap him but then I remember what will happen if I move .
Just forget it .
Then I feel his tongue try and slide into my mouth .
Then I break away and stare at him.
"We agreed no tongues !"
"I know ".
"Then what was that ?!"
"This ?!"
He pushes his lips onto mine .
I push him off.
"Get off of me stop ,you slimy!"
He pushes me against the wall so my wrist slams against the wood , it thrives in pain.
"Shut up you slut!"
"Get off me go away !"
I look over and see Nick standing there looking shocked and angry with Jay and Ryan beside him.
"Oh Nick help me please -"
I feel the guys lips on mine and tears start rolling down my face.
"Help !"I say crying in pain .
"Help me please  get off me please !"I scream the tears don't stop rolling down my cheeks .
Then he is pulled away from me by Nick.
Nick pushes him to the floor and Jay and Ryan rush over to him ,grabbing his hands behind his back keeping him still.
I slide to the floor and bury my face in my hands .My wrist bright red and bruises all over my arm .
"Emma baby ,"Nick sits by my side and hugs me "your safe now I'm so sorry , did that bastard hurt you ?"
I nod my head and show him my arm , barely being able to move my wrist.
"Let me see"he touches it.
"Ouch aahhhh!"I scream in pain as his fingers touch it .
"I'm sorry baby it's bad ?"
"Yes ".
Nick stands up and Ashley and Rebecca come near me .
"Well what happened ?"questions Ashley who is so drunk .
"Yepadeedoodah"Rebecca sings .

I turn around and see Nick punch the guy on the floor screaming at him ,
"You hurt her you asshole !"

Although its cruel and selfish , I found it so satisfying to see such a jack ass punched in the face .

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