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I wake up slowly.My eyes focusing on the white ceiling above me.I rub my eyes with my hands before I can see clearly.morning Light from the Windows pours into the room. I sit up in the bed and see Nick sitting on the end of it, just below my toes.
"Good morning gorgeous"he says softly.
"Hey handsome,"I stretch my arms out wide "why are we in your room?"
"Well we came back here after the park and fell asleep in the bed"he says walking towards me .
"Your bed is very comfortable "I say cuddling into a pillow.
"I'm glad you like it".
Nick climbs onto the bed and lays next to me his hand gently rubbing my waist.
"I really missed this "I say laying my head on his bare chest my hand by his neck.
"I know ,"he says pulling my closer to him so I'm practically laying on top of him"I'm sorry I ruined New York for us".
"It's okay it's not your fault"I reassure him.
"How did I get so lucky to get such a perfect girlfriend"he says kissing my head.
This makes my cheeks turn pink and I look directly into his eyes.
"You know just what to say".

We lay together cuddling for a while Nick kissing my neck and I wrap the blanket over us.
"Your beautiful"Nick says gently kissing my cheek.
I smile at him and he Wraps his arms around me ,protecting me.
"Nick what did Daniel say to you ?"I ask .
"Well after he slapped me in the face"Nick says tilting his head to the left .
"Oh please tell me he didn't ?"I whine.
"Yeah but he was just looking out for you Em, the guy does care about you"Nick admits.
"Yeah well I think of him as a friend ,I'm afraid I'm already taken by someone else"I smirk at Nick.
"Well who would this lucky guy be?"Nick questions sarcastically.
"Well he looks a lot like you "I giggle.
"Well the guy is blessed with great looks"Nick says patting his chest.
"Really?"I say sarcastically .
Nick looks shocked ,when his expression changes into a smile he starts chasing me round the apartment me laughing and sliding across the floor.Suddenly Nick picks me up in his arms and twirls me around.
Then Nicks phone rings and he answers it .
The conversation continues for ages Witt Nick replying "yes " "I'm sorry" "you can always talk to me ".
He hangs up and looks at me disappointed.
"What's wrong ?"I ask.
"My friend just broke up with his girlfriend and he wants me to visit him in LA"Nick says .
"Oh well,"I am disappointed "how long is it?"
"The trip,it's just this weekend".
"Well go ,go help your friend out I'm sure he needs you"I tell him.
"Oh em thank you your amazing you know that"he kisses me before rushing into his room and re entering the living room dressed with a bag.
"I have to go now okay,see you on Sunday"he says before kissing me and not saying another word.
Why did he want to leave so bad ?whats wrong With him?

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