I love you more .Burglar?

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"Yes mom I graduated !"I shout down the phone in joy and excitement leaping up from the wooden floorboards.
My real dream had finally come true , I have made my mom proud.
"Oh pops sweetie that amazing congratulations I'm so proud of you !"she makes a kissing noise down the phone which makes me giggle foolishly.
"I know and Nick did too , mom can we meet for coffee sometime just me and you to talk about me after graduation?"I question combing my fingers through my hair
"Yeah of course pumpkin, I have to go Melissa is dropping of Sharon's cake for the baby shower this afternoon"she announced and I can hear her moving around objects around the house in the background .
"You know the Sharon who works in the bakery down the street"she sighs.
"Oh her , she's having a baby?"I question confused.
"Yes she is 6 months pregnant and she found out the gender at the hospital yesterday and her mom has kept it a secret and they are announcing it today at the party ".
"That will be perfect she will love it , okay mom got to go love you "I grin as the conversation trails off.
"I love you too bye".

I slowly stroll back into the living room rubbing my eyes with the back of my palm ,where Nick is waiting on the couch for me with his arms out pouting in annoyance.
"I missed you ".
"I missed you more handsome even though we were apart for barely 2 minutes "I giggle .
"Thats to long baby  ".
I love it when he calls me that , and as soon as the words leave his mouth I swoon.
I decide to tease him and I bite my lip and wink at him .
I see Nick bite his bottom lip hard with temptation and stand up .
I run my hands through my hair and Nick suddenly wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close to him .
"I want to kiss you so badly "he moans .
"Then do it"I whisper in his ear giggling and his lips attack mine .
Nicks kisses are soft and moist but so passionate and fiesty and it's like a drug that I'm addicted to.
We fall back on the couch and I'm lying on Nicks chest as he smiles through the kiss I pull away and gently kiss his cheek.
"I love you ".
"I love you more ".
"No I do".

Nick and I continue arguing over who loves each other the most until I realise , due to Nicks stubbornness, that I will not win.
"Fine you win this time "I reluctantly say pouting .
"You will never beat me , you can try but it won't happen ".
"Night babe ".

Suddenly the door bursts open and a guy I don't recognise is in the doorway .
His shadow surrounds the room , the light beating on his back ,and my blood goes cold with fright.
"Who are you ?!"Nick shouts as he stands up pulling me close to his chest.
"Your not getting away this time kids "he smirks an evil grin and i scream in terror and my heart leaps out of my chest .
It's the burglar again.
"Get out !"I scream .
"Not a chance ".
He approaches us and Nick takes step backwards and I follow.
"Just give me $500 and know one will get hurt"he holds up his hands .
"We aren't giving you any money !"I walk out from behind Nick.
"Emma come back here it's dangerous !"Nick commands .
"Leave us alone !"I scream at the guy and he kicks me in the stomach and twists my arm so it thrives in pain as I fall to the ground .
"Emma !"Nick shouts .
My whole world turns into darkness and I black out .

"Emma !"
I wake up on the couch with Nick rubbing my stomach soothingly which is bruised with an ice pack on it .
"Is he gone ?"I whisper , so quiet I'm surprised he hears me.
"Emma you had a nightmare and jumped out of bed and fell over in the kitchen and really hurt yourself , I woke up and found you ".

And for the first time ever , Nick Cole is crying right in front of me .
"Nick I'm fine it is just a stupid Bruise nothing else "I kiss his cheek.
"I love you "he whispers .
"I love you more ".

Within two days I can barely feel the bruise on my stomach and Ashley's fashion show is almost here and I can't wait

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