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"You can't be serious!"I yell in rage.
"Hey what's up baby?"Nick asks as he enters our room.
I nod my head at him and then focus back on my phone call to my mom.
"I have to go,"I hang up the phone and turn to face Nick"Oh Nick it's awful it's absolutely awful ".
Tears start pouring down my face and Nick cups my face in his hands.
"Baby what's wrong?"he asks kissing my nose.
"It's my mom"I whine.
"What's wrong is she hurt ?".
"No nothing like that ,it's just shes letting my dad spend Christmas with us ,after everything he did she's letting him spend Christmas with us"I sniffle.
"Em I know what he did to you and I'm sorry "Nick hugs me .
"I don't want to spend Christmas with him Nick , I don't like him".
"I know baby , I know"he strokes my hair and kisses my forehead gently .
"Whats going on in here?"Jay asks as he walks in .
He sees my tears and wraps an arm around me .
"What's wrong ?"
"It's my dad ,he's spending Christmas With us ,"I tell him while Nick wraps an arm around me too"after he walked out on me and my mom when I was three ".
"Well maybe you should give him a chance, he might get you a good gift,"me and Nick stare at him "too soon?"
We all laugh and Ashley calls us down for Pizza.
"Come on let's eat"Jay says as he wanders out of the room.
"The first pepperoni slice is mine "Nick growls tickling me.
"Not if i get it first"I run down the stairs into the kitchen leaving Nick trailing behind me , shaking his head grinning.
I know how having this slice will annoy Him  but it makes me laugh.

I find the pizza box on the table and open it.
The fresh smell hits me and I sigh .
I grab the first slice and take a huge bite into it just as Nick walks in.
The delicious flavour feels my mouth and I moan at the taste .
"So good".
Everyone laughs and Nick comes and sits down on the chair next to me and takes a slice .
"You naughty girl "Nick pretends to glare at me , but I can tell by the twinkle in his eyes that it's fake.
I giggle and everyone joins us at the table .
We all finish the pizza ,me and Nick constantly fighting over the pepperoni , along with chocolate and strawberry ice cream for dessert when I remember something extremely important.
I kick Ryan's foot under the table and he looks up from his ice cream , his expression changing from enjoyment to confusion .
"Nick can you please get me some soda ?"I ask politely .
He sighs and pecks my lips before leaving the kitchen .
"The surprise is all set up Emma it's in the back yard"Ryan winks at me .
"Thanks ".

Since Nicks birthday is coming up I thought I would plan a surprise party for him .Only a few people are going to be there , but I hope it's still a blast.We all payed to rent a dj and a cocktail bar, and Jay agreed to let everyone use the pool .I have also planned a secret surprise just for us two today before the party.

"Here's your soda gorgeous"he places it on the table in front of me .
"Thanks handsome ,"I take a gulp before grabbing his hand "now I have a surprise for you ".
"What is it?"I see the familiar smirk return to his face which is super hot .
"It's a surprise come on".
I lead him out of the room up the stairs into the attic.
Jay converted it a few weeks ago so now it has a hot tub , a huge  bed , television and white carpet .Along with a mini fridge ,mood lights and white walls .
"Surprise !"
I decorated the room so there are rose petals spread across the bed , the hot tub is bubbling and there's champagne on ice in the fridge and scented candles everywhere.
"Do you like it?"I ask nervously .
"Emma this is wonderful " he kisses me and I don't hold back.
Thankfully, this is just how I had hoped  this would turn out.
We fall back onto the bed and carry on.
We break apart for air and I realise I forgot something .
The chocolate strawberries.
"Oh wait here".
I scurry over to the fridge and open the door.I delicately pull out the plate of strawberries and place it on the bed.
"Babe you did all this for me ?"he asks wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Yeah , you deserve it "I peck his cheek.
"Thank you so much , it's amazing ".

I quickly change into my bikini and  We climb into the hot tub.Nick splashes me so I splash him back.The bubbles gently hitting my back.
I can't stop laughing just as Nick touches my leg.
He looks at me with a look in his eyes I haven't seen before and I know straight away what he's thinking .
I nod my head and we jump out of the hot tub
He kisses me , at first it feels like a feather on my lips , delicate and gentle.
But then he quickens the pace and he throws me against the wall.My hands take place in their usual position around his neck and my legs wrap around his waist.

We end up in bed together and it's so passionate and amazing I forget all the problems about my dad,and after about an hour we change back into our normal clothes.
"Thank you so much Emma that was wonderful"he says while doing up his jeans.
"I love you "I reply.
"Not as much as I love you sweety"he blows me a kiss and I pretend to catch it.
I truly feel like the bond we have is unbreakable,and no matter what people throw at us we will always get through it.I know it's so cliche but it's true , 100%.

Soon the cocktail bar is ready and so is the Dj.Everybody is dressed for the occasion including me.Im wearing a skin tight white dress that shows off my curves , and some white heels and my hair is styled in a neat bun with a few curly strands hanging out .
I take a deep breath and call Nick.
I hope I don't mess this up, it's so important and I promise not to pass out .I can't miss this up.
"Yeah"Nick replies with his hands in his pocket.
"I have another surprise for your birthday , close your eyes "I flutter my eyes at him.
He sighs and closes them.
"I'm only doing this because I trust you baby".
"I know "I lead him quietly down the spiral staircase and into the kitchen.
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"Surprise !"
He opens his eyes and his jaw drops at the flashing lights , loud music and and cocktail bar and people jumping in the pool.
"Jesus Em this is amazing !"
He runs into the back yard and grabs a cocktail shot from the bar and throws it down his throat and starts dancing.

I'm so relieved that he likes it.I have been anxious all day for his reaction.

Nick carries on drinking shots and gets really drunk and starts jumping in the pool with his clothes on.
Then some random girls show up and try and seduce Nick.
"Excuse me who are you?!"
Thankfully Jay and Ashley tell them to get lost and Rebecca punches a girl who tries to lap dance Ryan.The girl tries to fight back but Rebecca pushes her in the pool.
All I see the entire night is Nick with a huge grin on his face .
I have a few Glasses of Vodka but I'm still sober.
"Hey Emma "Nick staggers over to me.
"Yes"I giggle.
"What's so funny?"he asks, leaving long pauses between each word.
"Nothing"I reply over the loud music .
"Anyway we should swim "he pretends to swim and hold his breath .
"I'm the king of this house Woah !"
Nick is so wasted I'm surprised he remembers who he is .
He is stumbling all over the place .
But I'm glad he's having a good time.

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