Airport ,flight ,arrival and everything in between.

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We run to the cab together and jump inside,Nick slightly ahead of me by a few seconds.
Nick sits in the front of the taxi next to the driver and I have the back seats to myself.
"So where you flying too?"tHe driver asks as he reverses out of the parking lot.
"I don't know"I answer truthfully .
"It's a surprise"Nick winks and the the same smirk he always shows spreads across his face.His dimples looking cuter than ever.
I grin back at him and stare out the window on my right.As we pass through the town it is so early that all of the stores are still closed and haven't opened for the day yet.There are a few people wandering around the streets on Morning runs or walking their dogs but that's it.
Suddenly I yawn and stretch my arms so they are touching Nicks seat.
Nick turns around and grins at me.
I feel embarrassed for some reason and I feel myself blushing so I quickly turn away.
The cab driver looks in the mirror at me with a confused look ,before he turns away shaking his head his eyes focusing back on the road .

We pull into a parking space just outside the airport and the driver opens the door for me .
"Thank you"I say jumping down from my seat.
"No problem Miss"he says in a strong Jersey accent.
The driver walks behind the car and opens the trunk .He hands Nick our suitcases and shakes his hand.
"Thanks "Nick hands him $35 and turns to face me.
"Thank you"I say loudly as he climbs into the drivers seat .
Although I doubt he even heard me.
"You ready?"Nick asks me holding on to both of the suitcases.
"Let me take one of those I don't want you to struggle"I say trying to take one of them from his grasp.
"Trust me I can Handle it"Nick says gently pushing my hand away.
"No really I want to help"I reply honestly .
"You don't have to"Nick walks over to the luggage carts and pulls one away from the chain.
I decide to give up.I will never win an argument against Nick as he is so stubborn,but it's one of the things I love about him.
"What you doing?"I question folding my arms.
"Well ,"he replies as he loads the cases onto the cart"I figured this would be more fun then walking".
I give him a confused look as if to say what the hell?
Suddenly he picks me up ,his hand gripped on my waist ,and sits me on top of the pile of suitcases.
He starts to push the cart with me holding on the handle of the suitcase .
"What are you Doing?"I ask laughing .
"Isn't this better than walking though?"Nick asks me .
"Yeah but I-"
"Well how come you still look amazing riding a luggage cart?"Nick says pouting .
This makes me giggle and I turn around to face forwards.its complements like that that make my confidence grow.
People start staring at us as I glide through the airport entrance on the cart,But I just ignore them and I close my eyes and laugh .

"Where are you flying too?"the employee asks us as we load our cases onto the conveyer belt leading to the plane and hand over our passports.
"Actually is there anyway that it can be kept a surprise ?"Nick asks ,I feel him wrap his arm around my waist.
"Oh okay sure just let me see your boarding passes please"she agrees and takes the passes from Nick"Thank you sir".
She looks at the flight number and hands us back our passports and passes "okay you have an hour and a half until take off so feel free to have food and purchase items from the stores ,your flight will be called and your gate number is written on your boarding passes ,have a nice flight ".
Nick thanks her and we walk away towards the food court.

"Nick it's been forever can you please just tell me where we are going ?"I moan.
"Stop whining ,"He says sarcastically "you will love it when we get there trust me ".
"Please"I say with a pout.
"Nope"he says popping the p.
I sigh and we get in line for burgers.

We take our food to a booth by a window overlooking the runway,and Nick insists that we sit opposite each other.I look at him strangely before taking my seat opposite him as requested .
"Why did we have to sit like this?"I ask curiously as I unwrap my burger from the paper.
"Because I love looking at you"he says making me blush again.
"Will you too quit that lovey Dovey crap!"the guy behind us moans .
"Mind your own business asshole!"Nick says .
"I'm trying to but all I can hear is you too going on and-"
Suddenly out of know where I Interupt him.
"Look can you just please leave us alone to eat and carry on with your cheeseburger and-"
I turn around to face him and am shocked at who it is .
"Mason?"I say in disbelief .
"Emma,"he grins at me "it's been a while".
I can't believe it's him this is so awkward and embarrassing.
"You too know each other?"Nick asks oblivious .
"Yeah we certainly do,"Mason smirks"shall you tell him or shall I ?"
I swallow and look at Nick.
"Mason and I hooked up once at a party but we haven't spoken since then ,it was ages ago"I sigh and look at the ground uncomfortably .
"Oh well okay".
Mason stares at me .
"Well you have certainly changed a lot ,"Mason touches my hair but I push him away "and so pretty".
"Hey dude lay off will you ,come on Em let's go"Nick stands up and I grab his hand .
"Hey I'm sure she wants to stay for a drink with me instead right Emma?"he looks at me with a smug look on his face .
"Not if you were the last guy on earth Mason,"I say pouting "now excuse me but I have a plane to catch with my boyfriend".
And I march off with Nick ,not turning back to look at Mason.

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