Happily ever after ?

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I apologise for the short chapter but this story will be ending in a few chapters( maybe 6 at the most ) and I can announce that The sequel will be out the day this book ends .Please comment your favourite part of the book so far and a competition is if you comment something nice on this chapter then I will select a winner and mention you in the next chapter and add your book to my Must reads list.Good Luck and Love y'all Xxx

"I need to know one thing?"I ask in between fits of tears .
"Can I trust you ?"I ask biting my lip nervously and my ponytail gently swaying and hitting my back.
I watch as Nicks expression changes to confusion and then disappointment .He closes his eyes before opening them again , displaying the water filling them .
"But nick you don't understand this could easily happen all over Again and I hate you for what you did to me !"I wail.
"I know Emma , but I love you"he murmurs .

I love Nick with all my heart and the thought of not being with him makes me feel dreadful .I just hope more than anything we can , slowly , make this work .
"Just promise that this will never happen again and that we will always be together and you won't wreck things ?!"

"Yes I will never hurt you again and what I did to you haunts me everyday "he sobs.
"If we take it slow then I guess we could try again"I smile at him.
"Yes, I sort of forgive you ".
He beams at me and rushes over to my spot on the white bed sheets , where Willow is playfully sprawled next to me .
He embraces me tightly and I wrap my arms around his neck , avoiding Willows tiny furry body .
I feel safe again , like I'm protected and nobody can ever hurt me again .

I feel like I'm home.

"I missed you so much"I cry into his t shirt my grip tightening .
"I know I missed you too "he cries softly , rubbing my back .
I cry even harder into his chest and as we sit on the bed together , I curl my legs around his waist and he ingulfs me in a hug.
"I missed you so much baby"Nick whispers .
I sniffle and pull away to look at him , face to face .
"I love you really "I say before crashing my lips into his .
He falls back , after being caught un prepared , and smiles as we continue our long awaited , passionate kiss.
"Em what's going on ?"
Ashley and Jay appear in the doorway just as Nick tugs at my hair and growls .
"Oh my god f*ck !"Jay shouts before covering his eyes and storming away .
"Jesus em you could have told me you were hooking up with somebody "she says rolling her eyes .
"Sorry "I murmur as she slams the door shut , I hear a click as the lock turns .

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