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"Ash I love you dearly but for the love of god chill out!"I exclaim shaking my head as I hold the phone to my hear .
"I know it's just your taxi is 10 minutes late and what if your miss you flight ?!"she says panicking.
"Ash we won't "I reassure her.
"It's a possibility ".

Ashley's fashion show is tomorrow evening in Manhattan , and she is being a complete control freak.
Although I know how much this means to her and how important it is , she needs to relax and chill out otherwise she will have a nervous break down.She booked mine and Nicks flights herself and a private car to take us to the hotel, which we do appreciate and she couldn't have done more for us.
Ashley is one of my best friends but she can be a nervous wreck sometimes , which puts me on edge .

"Bye Ash"I have to stop myself from teasing her about missing our flight so I just hang up the phone.

Nick is buying some drinks and snacks from the store across the street from campus next to the park, so I decided to surprise him and pack up everything myself.
I run my hands through my chestnut hair , my fingers getting caught in the tangles .I tug them out as the sun light  beats on down on my face from the window , the warmth of the Madison light sending a tingling felling through my whole body .

I grab Nicks suitcase from his bedroom and Push it with force to the door, picking up extra things along the way .
"What the hell did he pack? This thing weighs a ton"I say gasping for breath.

I accidentally slip on the wooden floor causing Nicks suitcase to fall on top of me .
Why does this always happen to me ?
I hope Nick doesn't come in and see me like this.
I push the suitcase onto the ground beside me , taking deep breaths and pulling myself up.
Soon everything is by the door and I grab my backpack and slide it onto my shoulders.

I'm wearing my adidas jumper which is grey with black writing on it .
My leggings are black with the words New York , Paris , London , Tokoyo and Dubai  on it which Nick bought for me as a present for my birthday .My white ugg boots are super comfortable on my feet ,I just comb my hair quickly and my face is bare with nothing but waterproof mascara.

Suddenly I feel my waist tighten and I look down and see Nicks arms around my waist.
"Hey handsome "I whisper.
"Hey baby girl "he says into my ear making my whole body tingle.
I turn around so my body is facing hid and our eyes lock .i don't break eye contact and he bites his bottom lip hard which makes me groan .
"Nick I -"
Suddenly my phone vibrates in my pocket and I slide it out to look at screen .
"It's Jay"I show Nick as a picture of Jay with a watermelon on his head appears on the screen.
"When did you take that picture ?"
"When we all visited LA and Jay balanced it on his head "I chuckle just thinking about the incident.
"Hello?"I reply down the line.
"Hey Emma I just called to ask you about Ash"he says quietly .
"Yeah sure is she alright ?"
"Oh yeah she's fine I just wanted to know something she has always wanted that I could buy her as s gift?"
Jay was currently with Ashley in New York and he has been trying to help her for weeks but so far ,nothing had worked .
"I know she wants a dog "I say shrugging my shoulders when Nicks rubs my bare skin on my stomach making me giggle .
"Okay ,"he replies confused at the noises I was making " and can Nick stop touching you up for just two seconds ".
"Bye Jay"I laugh.
"See you soon Emma"and he hangs up.
"Nick he heard us "I snack his shoulder playfully.
"Sorry but he did interrupt something ".
"He certainly did "I crash my lips into his just as we hear a knock on the door.
"Honestly I just want to kiss you!"Nick says rolling his eyes .
"Nick ssh!"I place my finger to my lips and giggle.
I skip over to the door and Greet the taxi driver .
"I will just load these down stairs for you "he grabs our suitcases , one in each hand and shuts the door behind him as he disappears from view.
"Hey princess where did this come from?"Nick questions as he slides my sleeve to my elbow , displaying a thick red gash on my arm.
Wow when I fell it must have hurt a lot more than I thought it did.
"Oh that's just when I tripped earlier , you know me clumsy "I shrug my shoulders and try and walk away but Nick grabs ,y wrist.
"Emma next time this stuff happens call me okay"I kiss the tip of his nose delicately and I Intwine my hand with his .
"Come on bad boy , let's go and see New York together ".


We land at 3 in the afternoon and Nick and I wait patiently for the driver to arrive that Ashley booked.
"Yes baby"he replies smiling at me , his hands in his jean pockets and his hear messy underneath a grey beanie.Making him look extremely hot in a effortless way, which I can never achieve .
"Does coming back to New York remind you of our break up?"I ask quietly not wanting to upset him.
It's silence for a few seconds and I instantly regret asking him.
"Well kind of , but it reminds me of how I almost lost the love of my life and how you love this place "he grabs my hand and gently kisses my knuckles .
"I love you Nick".
"I -"
"Cab for Emma and Nick!"
I wave and we pull our suitcases along the path towards the cab.
The city was the same as always , bustling with people and noise and I smell the fresh air.
It kind of bothered me that Nick didn't say I love you back but I know he has said it countless times before but I will get over it .
We pile into the taxi as our suitcases and thrown into the trunk and Nick slides in next to me .
"And Emma I know it bothered you that I didn't say I love you back , so I love you infinite okay?"
"And I did just quote the fault in our stars to you since you love that movie "he grins .
I swear he can read my mind .

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