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"Isn't it awesome ?" Nick says waving his arms around expressing his admiration for the scenery.

We eventually arrive at the park together after half an hour of many failed attempts of Nick dragging me away from the Tv,
look don't judge I wanted to see Phoebe Sing smelly cat okay?

I was wearing my favourite I WOKE UP LIKE THIS t shirt,black leggings, and my old white sneakers covered in sharpie doodles,my brown hair in a loose effortless messy bun and a white jacket.Nicks wearing a classic Grey jumper with the name of a football team on it , Blue jeans. black and white trainers and his blond hair is tucked underneath a red beanie.

The fountain is spitting crystal blue water droplets onto the green lawn and vibrant, refreshing flowers are growing from the dirt.Hundreds of people are sitting around on blankets having picnics experiencing the wonderful sun and spending the time with the loved family members ,or just simply trying to tan.

"Yeah amazing " I reply looking all around me at the sights truly bewildered.
I know I said I have been here before but not since I was a kid.
And not without my dad.

"Told you " he said walking around in front of me showing off the beautiful features of the location.

"You did " I admit rolling my eyes.

'Anyway follow me " he says urging me to follow me as he grips my wrist forcing me to follow jinx

He starts running past all of the trees, treading all over peoples blankets ,pushing past everyone , I trail behind him apologising to everyone he annoyed as we go.

We soon stop , I take a long awaited, refreshing gulp of air and start breathing normally again .In front of us stands a huge,over towering iron gate chained shut with three locks.

"Can you climb ?" he asks me pointing at the gate.

"Um yeah kind of" I reply folding my arms looking at the floor, uncomfortably.

"Great " he says and starts climbing the iron bars.

"Wait um oh, " I say nervously"I don't think thats allowed".

"I don't see a sign that says its wrong!" Nick yells, he's a lot higher up so he has to shout in order for me to hear him.
Which means it's a lot more risky then I could have imagined.

I start feeling super awkward.

"Its probably chained shut for a reason !" I shout up to him, using that as an excuse to joining him on the climb.

" Come on climb!"

I sigh and reluctantly join him.

Now would have been a good time to mention that i'm extremely afraid of heights but I didn't realise. The number one rule if your afraid of heights is DONT LOOK DOWN , however I also forgot this to and looked straight down between my feet . I started feeling groggy and nausea over took me ,but soon snapped out of it and carried on climbing.When I had to climb over to the other side I thought I would pass out but I made it across. We both jumped down , thankfully still in one piece and Nick exclaimed.

"Welcome to paradise!"

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