Birthday wreck and Nick cheats?

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"Left ,no right ,actually a bit to the left"I direct Nick in a bossy tone as he attempts hangs up the fairy lights around the trees for the third time this evening.
"Your honestly so bossy sometimes "Nick says sarcastically , while sticking out his tongue childishly ,as he climbs down a ladder.
"You organised this party"I remind him putting my hands on my hips.
"Yes I did so I should be the boss"Nick starts laughing .
"Oh no"I object giggling.
"You two are disgusting!"Rebecca Moans pretending to vomit.
"Oh Rebecca are you jealous"Nick says sarcastically.
"Of having a clingy ,disgusting,slobbery,idiot boyfriend ,no way!"

"Anyway,"I interrupt their conversation "I think we're finished here".

We have practically decorated the whole park for my birthday party ,and I'm so excited.There are fairy lights on every tree ,pink flowers all around the ground,tables with drinks and food,a dj booth and a dance floor with loads of bright colourful flashing lights.

"Yeah people should start arriving soon"Rebecca says placing a box of streamers on the ground.
"You look great"Nick says kissing my cheek.
"Thank you".

I decided to where a dress that reaches my knees,the top half is white and the bottom half is a pastel pink,with frills.
I curled my hair and did my makeup myself,which took an hour .I also wore white shiny pumps,which I shall try not to ruin.

"Okay turn on the music and let's get this party started!"Nick shouts jumping up and down.

I hope this doesn't turn into another party where Nick gets totally drunk and I have to look after him.Because that is not a great birthday at all!

"Nick please don't get really drunk"I say nervously.
"Of course I won't ,this is your night"Nick admits smiling.
"Thanks"I reply sighing of relief.

There are hundreds of people dancing and drinking and I having fun and I decide to set Rebecca up with a guy.
"What no way!"
"Oh come on please"I say widening my eyes .
"Fine,"Rebecca sighs "but he better be hot".
I laugh and drag Rebecca through the crowd.

I decide to introduce her to one of Nicks friends Ryan.He has  blond hair, green eyes,quite muscular and he is really tall,but I hope that isn't an issue for Rebecca as she is quite short.

"Hi"Rebecca says fiddling with her hair.
"Hi "he reply's biting his lip.
"I'm Bec"she says staring into his eyes.
"I'm Ryan".

I start to feel like I'm the third wheel,so I make an excuse to leave.
"I should get back,to Nick"I say slowly walking away.
Rebecca holds a thumb up.
I grin at her and turn away.

I dance with Nick For about half an hour,when we are interrupted .
"Um Emma someone wants to talk to you".
"Oh okay".
There standing underneath the willow tree is my ex Daniel Hughes.Wearing a tight grey V neck ,black ripped jeans and brown boots,his brown hair covering his forehead.
"What are you doing here?"I ask my jaw dropping.
"I wanted to see you",he says walking towards me "on your special day".
"Well I don't need you here,"I say gritting my teeth"And I don't even want you here".
"Ssh"he says placing a finger to my lips.
I knock it away and fold my arms.
"Let's talk in private "he leads me to a quiet spot in the trees.
"Great because I would really like to here a pretty good excuse for what you did".
"Well,"he says running his hands through his hair "I miss you Em,and I was a jerk for what I did".
"Oh now you realise it!"I yell.
"Ssh Em,"he walks towards me"don't speak".
Then it happens,he leans in and kisses me pushing me against the tree.I try and push him off ,but I'm not strong enough.He wraps his arms around my waist . I pull away and scream.
Daniel quickly forces his lips onto mine to shut me up .
Suddenly there's loud footsteps and I see Becca and Ryan racing over.But no sign of Nick.
"Get off of her!"Becca yells as Ryan yanks Daniel off me .
"Are you okay?"Becca asks shaking her head at Daniel.
"I I think so"I stutter as I dust off my dress.
"He has got some nerve showing up here".
"Um yeah"I agree.
I'm still In shock from the kiss.Why did he do it?And what made him feel that he was allowed too?

"Where's Nick?"I ask as Rebecca leads me back to the party ,while Daniel is escorted out.
"Oh I haven't seen him since you guys were dancing together"she shrugs her shoulders.
"Well I should find him".
"Okay I'm going to find Ryan"Rebecca sighs .
"And thanks for saving me".
"No problem"Rebecca reply's just before I loose her in the crowd of people.
"Nick ?!"I shout as I walk behind the dj booth.
Suddenly I hear quiet voices from behind the curtain.
"Okay who's In-"
I stop in the middle of my sentence,standing in front of me is Nick with his arms wrapped around  a blond girl.
"Nick!"I yell slowly stepping away.
"I promise this is not what it looks like"He holds his hands up.
"Who's this?!"I ask .
"I'm Ashley "She says waving at me .
Ashley!Nicks ex.
A tear falls down my cheek ,I wipe it away quickly and run to Rebecca.
"Oh my god Em What's wrong?is Daniel bothering you again?"
"No,"I sob"I caught Nick with another girl!"
Rebecca stares at me her eyes widening .
"What!Oh god come with me".
We walk to the park entrance together where I collapse onto the bench.
"Why would he do that?"I ask desperate to know the answer.
"I don't know why Em".
"I just want to go home "I whine burying my head in my hands.
"I'll take you back to campus".
"No home ,with my mom"I tell her standing up.
"Oh um okay ,I will drive you there "Rebecca says reaching for her car keys in her purse.
"No you shouldn't have to leave the party"I sigh.
"No I'm not leaving you,let's go"She grabs my arm and we walk to the parking lot.
"It's -".
"I know your address I've been to your house loads of times in high school"She laughs as we pull out.
"I might have moved"I remind her buckling up my seatbelt.
"But have you?"

We pull onto the drive at 11:00pm and mom opens the door.
"Pops what's wrong?"she asks hugging me.
"My boyfriend cheated on me"I whine.
"It will be fine honey just come inside ".

I follow mom inside and Rebecca follows.I sit on the couch and wrap myself up in a white blanket.I look at my phone.
6 missed calls from Nick and 12 texts ........

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