Nicks family & party

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"So that's how it happened"I finish telling Rebecca about the theme park date on Skype.
"That's such a cute story it's like a fairytale "Rebecca smiles at the webcam cooing.
We carry on talking about recent events until I eventually see Nick pull up outside .
"He's home Bec I'll talk to you later "I blow a kiss at the screen.
"Talk to you soon and I want to hear all about you and Nick"she winks and hangs ups.

I chuckle to myself at the gesture and shrug my shoulders just as Nick opens the door and enters the room ,allowing fresh air to slither inside.
"Hey"he says kicking off his sneakers and jumping on the couch next to me.
"Hi"I kiss his cheek sweetly.
He sighs and stares outside a blank expression on his face .
"What's wrong ?"I ask feeling paranoid .
"It's nothing it's just that,"he takes a pause "I know that it's kind of fast but I told my folks about you and they invited you over for dinner".

Oh crap!its really generous for Nicks parents to offer but I'm always really awkward at dinners like this .The first time I met Daniels parents I spilled Lasagne all over his moms dress , which I offered to pay $20 for the dry cleaning but she said no.So I can't imagine how this will turn out .However I try and sound supportive and excited about the idea.

"That will be great"I hug him.
"No it won't ,"he says staring into my eyes "My parents are really embarrassing ".
"Oh Nick ,"I say smiling "most parents are and they probably just love you".
"Fine if you think that you'll be able to handle them then we will go, "he grabs the TV remote "but if it goes terribly wrong I did warn you".
We sit together and watch Reality TV for a while when I decide to call my mom .
"I'll be one second"I say as I stand up to go to my room.
"It's been one second come and sit with me"Nick says sarcastically as he pats the spot next to him .
"It's a metaphor "I giggle.
"I know that I just really want to sit with you".
I blow a kiss and he pretends to catch it just as I leave the room and dial my moms number.She picks up straight away.

"Hi mom it's me "I answer biting my nails , I'm really nervous as I'm scared how she'll take the news about me and Nick.
"Oh hi pops sweetie ".
"Um mom I need to tell you something very important "I stutter.
"Please tell me you didn't get thrown out of the park again".
"No ,but I got a boyfriend ".
There's silence .
"Really?"mom asks quietly .
"Um yes "I reply terrified .
"This is amazing I'm so happy , I have to meet him ,when can I meet him?!"my mom yells excited.
"Mom,mom calm down he's not a celebrity "I say laughing .
"No but he's your boyfriend pops!"
"Oh and also mom"I say interrupting her celebrations .
"What ?"
"Dad showed up ".
"What he didn't tell me at all!"Mom shouts down the line.
"Mom ,mom calm down"I say quietly.
"Okay okay it's just upsetting that's all , why was he even in Madison?"Mom says curiously .
"I don't know ".
"Any other huge surprises for you to tell me ?"My mom asks sarcastically.
"Me and Nick got kicked out of a theme park,but he was being really generous  "I say trying to defend Nick.
"By getting you thrown out of a theme park!"
"It wasn't like that at all , he was trying to help me have a fun day before my exam"I explain to mom .
I here mom take a deep breath.
"Well I'm not happy about it but as long as you can promise that it won't happen again I'll let this one pass ".
"I promise ".
"Bye sweetie speak too you soon "mom says making a kiss noise .
"Bye"I hang up.

"How's your mom?"Nick asks as I join him in the living room .
"She's great ,fantastic actually "I tell him as I lean on his shoulder.
"Awesome ".
Suddenly there's a loud knock on the door.
"I'll get it "Nick slowly walks to the door and opens it .
I watch Nick bend down and pick up a pink cardboard box with  my name written all over it in bright blue marker .
"What's that ?"I question as he sits it Down on the coffee table in front of us .
"Don't know,open it ".
I take a deep breath and tear into the cardboard ,ripping it open.Eventually, I see a pile of pink envelopes with the names of hundreds of people in them , including some of my friends.
"What?"I say curiously as I see a note stuck to the top.
"Nick?!"I exclaim grinning .
"Surprise,"Nick says hugging me "your party will be across the street at the park".
"But how did you know my birthday ?"I say curiously .
"Rebecca told me "He confesses .
"Thank you so much "I say my eyes filling up.
"Can I have a thank you kiss?"he asks pointing to his lips.
"You may".
We kiss and I feel so excited and lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend.

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