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"Nick for god sake just show me all ready!"I whine with my hands over my eyes.
My boyfriend decided it would be fun for him to surprise me  before the fashion show tomorrow evening , since Ashley has organised our schedules pretty hectically after that .
I am extremely curious to where we are but I don't have a clue , I know that we are outside because i feel the occasional breeze gently hit me.
"Open now !"
I open my eyes and gasp.
I see a pile of blankets on the ground with pillows ,fairy  lights, a tv screen ,popcorn , snacks and it's all underneath a small wooden  roof .
"Oh Nick it's wonderful ! But how come it's so quite we are in New York the city that never sleeps?"
"Look"he points behind me and I turn around.
Again my jaw hits the floor .
I'm staring at the beautiful New York skyline with all the lights and faint sound of noise below , the sun is setting and I have a gorgeous view from the roof top .
Suddenly I hear the FRIENDS theme tune play behind me and I turn around and see Nick standing by the Tv with his arms open .
"How you doing ?"he says making me giggle and we cosy down into the blankets and pillows watching FRIENDS with the New York skyline next to me.
I can't help but feel excited that I am right where Monica, Rachel , Phoebe , Chandler , Ross and Joey were supposed to be .I hope somewhere there is a coffee shop just like Central Perk where I can relax with Ashley.

Soon we stop watching FRIENDS and I decide to watch home alone 2 Christmas in New York and I can't contain my excitement.

I laugh at the parts where Kevin outwits the bad guys and leaves them traps and Nick keeps staring at me smiling .
I watch the ending where Kevin is reunited with his family and it's Christmas Day , he saves the toy store and gets Presents and Nick smiles at me and strokes my hair gently.
"Why do you keep staring at me ?"I ask him kissing his hand.
"Because I love you ".
Nicks PoV:

I knew she would like the surprise I just wanted to make sure .Emma is my girl and I want nothing more than for her to know how much she means to me.
When I saw her reaction I felt a sigh of relief , Emma doesn't realise but I can easily tell when she's lying which meant I would have known if she hated it .She does the cute thing when she twists her hair around her thumb.
However , I can also tell when she's genuinely happy .She looked the same way she did when she woke up after being stabbed and seeing me beside her  in hospital.
I will always be there for Emma , I don't know what it is but its crazy and I feel like we have a connection that I haven't felt with anyone , we just clicked.
I still feel awful for how i treated her last time we came to New York , and how I made her feel .Seeing Emma upset is heartbreaking and I just want to hug her and protect her , besides killing the person that did it.
Seeing her in the club Back in LA with that guy hurt me at first because I thought she was cheating on me, but then I saw the tears on her face and how she was screaming for help and know one was there .It seemed like she was giving up on someone coming to her until she saw me.

As we watched FRIENDS and Home Alone Emma kept giggling making me love her even more .I love her laugh , it's so cute and cheerful that it's impossible not to smile when you hear it.
"Why do you keep staring at me ?"she asks smiling .
Gosh I love that smile .
"Because I love you "I reply caressing her cheek.
Although Emma can be stubborn some times I love her for it , she is the only one I want to spend my life with and I'm so excited we are getting a place of our own .
"Hey Nick let me just run back downstairs and top up on drinks for us "Emma stands up looking upset.
"What's wrong ?"I ask .
"I don't want to leave you on your own up here "she frowns and I laugh .
Some people may call us clingy but I can't process without Emma , she is so cheerful and loving and gets me through the day , I couldn't cope without her and we can't stand being apart.
"Go on baby the sooner you go the sooner you will be back "she pecks my lips before leaving .
"I love you "she says smilin as she opens the door .
"I love you more ".

Emma PoV:
I run down the stairs to the elevator for the lobby , not wanting to leave Nick alone.
I love him so much.
I arrive onto the correct floor and slide out of the elevator and skip to the bar to buy some juice .
The lights are flashing but know one is on the dance floor since it is still quite early.Its super hot and sweaty already and I just want to get the drinks and go back to the roof .
"Hey can I got two bottles of orange juice and chocolate milkshake bottles please ?"I say placing the cash on the counter.
It's Isaac, the guy that kissed me that night in the bar when Nick and and I broke up .
"Oh um hi?"I say staring at the floor .
"So how have you been , I haven't seen you for at least a while now ?"he asks as he grabs the orange juice and mixer from the cabinet behind him .
"Yeah Super"I flash a smile and try and look at something else to show him I don't want to talk , this is beyond awkward right now .
"Boyfriend ?"
"Yes actually "I nod my head and sit on a stool .
"Oh shame "he shakes his head and stares at me.
"You know ,since you aren't here for long you could have some summer fun "he winks at me and I feel my cheeks turn pink .
I quickly pull out my phone and swipe to Nicks phone number
Is what I send and I discreetly place my phone into my back pocket .

Nicks PoV:
I receive a test from Emma asking for help, Jesus u hope she is okay .
I sprint down to the bar and see Emma being approached by that bar guy who kisses her before.
I can see the look of uncomfortableness on her face , I just want to help her .
"Hey Emma baby "I run up to her and kiss her cheek and sling my arm over her shoulder.
"Who's this ?"he asks looking at Nick , though surprisingly not rudely at all but with great interest.
"My boyfriend Nick"I smile at him and Nick squeezes my hand.
"Wow great ,here are you drinks "I pass him the cash and he passes me change which I drop into my pocket before passing the milkshakes to Nick since they felt much heavier to me ....

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