Hair burn,fashion week and promise ring

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And now on Capital Fm
She looks so perfect 5 seconds of summer=
She looks so perfect standing there
In my American apparel underwear
And I know now that I'm so down
Your lipstick stain is a work of art
I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart
And I know now that I'm so down
Hey hey!

I sing along to the song as it feels my ears with the melody.

Outside my window I see the trees blowing gently in the summer breeze , clouds start crowding overheard and the clear blue sky.

"This song is so damn catchy!"I shout to Nick as I straighten my hair at my vanity, hair and makeup products spread across the table.
"You sing beautifully "Nick leans over and kisses my neck.
I groan and peck his cheek.
"Okay almost done ,then you can have as many kisses as you would like "I smile at him when i see his reflection in the mirror .
"I can't wait ".
He leaves the room smirking at me with a raised eyebrow .
I giggle and stare at myself in the mirror.

I can't be that ugly , I mean Nick says I'm beautiful and Stunning so I must be at least decent or average .

Suddenly I feel my hair burning.
"Sh*t!"I exclaim and pull the straightener away from my hair .
During the process I touch it accidentally and my hand turns bright red and stings like hell.
Why am I so clumsy ?!
My eyes water and Nick rushes in the room, his hand rubbing my back.
"What's wrong?!"He questions as I lean into his chest.
"Oh nothing it's fine"I screech , holding back the tears.
"Em baby I know when your not okay "he nods his head.
"No seriously "I say quietly.
"I burned my hand "I admit.
"Let me see"he demands holding out his hand.
I hold it up to him.
"Come on".
"No I will be okay"I say moving it away from his grasp.
"Emma as much as I admire you for trying to fight this , come on baby"he lifts me up and carries me to the kitchen .

I delicately lift up my hand and hold it underneath the ice cold running water from the tap.
"Ow!"I screech in pain.
"It's okay it's okay"Nick says comfortingly.
He turns off the tap and wraps my burn in a bandage .
"There how's that?"he asks concerned.
"It's perfect,"I take a deep breath and slowly exhale "thank you "I say fluttering my eyes.

We sit down on the couch together and turn on the television.
"Hello and welcome to fashion week ,new news is that Ashley Benson has released her summer clothing line and the fashion show is next weekend , we are all buzzing for those VIP tickets but word has it that she has those specially reserved for friends and boyfriend , we will be back shortly after this break !"

The woman on the tv Flashes a smile before the program switches to a commercial for toilet roll.
"Wow she must be proud "I say chucking .
"Yeah "Nick mumbles.
"Nick is it awkward between you two?"I question .
"You know , you and Ashley?"I gesture to the tv.
"No it just feels strange that's all , you know my ex girlfriend dating my friend "he shrugs his shoulders.
"Not your best friend then?"I ask curiously.
"No my best friend isn't Jay ".
"Ryan ?"I guess.
"Nope "he says popping the P.
"Who then ?"I question , with curiosity.
"You Emma "he holds my hand.
I'm stunned , this is so amazing I'm Nicks best friend and girlfriend .
"I love you Nick and your my best friend too"I say wrapping my arms around his neck.
"And I want to give you something "he stands up and walks to his room,Exposing his tattoo on his waist , my tattoo that he designed and created for me .

When he returns he has a small blue box with a purple ribbon in his hands.
"Here"he hands me the box and I tug at the ribbon curiously .
It slides off easily and I open the lid to the box excitedly.
Sitting inside is a sliver wring , with an infinity symbol on it going all around and words engraved.
Nick and Emma
"Emma ,"he takes the ring and gets down on one knee "will you take -"
"Oh Jesus your proposing !"
I turn to the door and see Ashley with her mouth Hitting the ground.
How do people keep getting in?!
"No it's a promise ring !"
"Oh thank Jesus !"she holds her chest.
"Now can you please give us some privacy?"Nick asks politely.
"Oh yeah of course "she closes the door quietly behind her.
"Anyway ,"Nick says rolling his eyes making me laugh"Emma will you take this promise ring as a token to show you how much I love you , and you promise that we will always be together ?"
"I do"I reply giggling,as he slides the ring on my finger.

God, this must be how it feels to be proposed too.I can't  believe that Nick bought me such a beautiful ring , this truly shows how much I mean to him.I love him so much , he is the perfect person anyone could wish for.

I lean down and kiss him , my legs delicately balancing on his knees.
"You guys done yet?!"Ashley shouts from outside.
"Yes"I say laughing.
"Oh my god it's beautiful !"she yells excitedly and runs over to me ,staring at the ring.
"I know "I say proudly "now without being rude ,why are you here?"I ask.
"Oh I came to drop off your tickets for the fashion show , my assistant wanted to do it but since you guys are my best friends I wanted to do it myself "she hands us two pieces of pink paper with our names on it .
"Thanks what about Rebecca and Ryan?"Nick questions.
"Oh I dropped there's off earlier this morning, and obviously Jay got his straight away ,"she says folding her arms "well I would love to stay and chat I have to go and organise the show"
"Don't let us stop you "Nick holds up his hands .
"Okay will bye , talk to you soon"she says waving and struts down the hallway , her hips swivelling in a tight dress , as if it was a catwalk .
"God people come in here like its a parade !"

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