Together again

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"Ashley I can't thank you enough for helping me out"I say hugging her as I prepare to walk on the plane home.
"Hey don't worry about it , I feel like your my best friend "she smiles at me .
"I will miss you ".
"I'm flying home in a few days so you can stay with me then,"she says as my phone vibrates in my pocket"who's that?".
I pull out my phone and read the name on the screen "it's my mom she's just checking in okay".
"Nothing from Nick then?"she asks.
"No"I murmur quietly .

Nick has been home a few days and has probably already left the apartment.
"Well you should go "Ashley nudges me .
"Okay and text you later ,bye"I wave at her.
"See you soon".

The flight home goes by quickly but it feels strange travelling alone ,without Nick by my side holding my hand.Im not going to lie, I miss him terribly .But we are over and Nick doesn't want to see me ever again .

The plane lands and I take my suitcase from the conveyor belt.
I call a cab outside and it takes me back to campus.I pay the driver $30 and he leaves .
I see Nicks truck in the parking lot, in the same spot under the tree as always.

I take a steady deep breath and walk up the stairway to the right floor.Being careful not to tumble over due to nerves.
Our apartment door comes into view and I freeze,I'm so nervous I'm shaking .My palms becoming sweaty and scrunching up .
I know I can't stand out here forever so I run to the door swing it open and sitting on the couch is Daniel,my ex - ex boyfriend .
"What are you doing here?!"I yell slamming the door in shock .
"Hey calm down I have a reason"he holds his hands up.
"It better be a good one "I fold my arms .
"I heard what happened with you and Nick and what he did to you and I felt awful"he says scratching the back of his head .
"Why did you feel awful?"I question raising and eyebrow.
"Because I know how much I hurt you and how cruel I was and I don't want to see another guy breaking your heart just like I did ,Nick was wrong , and I believe I owe you an explanation for everything ".
"You sure do , well go ahead spill?"I cross my arms over my chest and tilt my head impatiently.
Daniel sighs and turns away.Still talking to me but staring at the wall.
"I'm ,"
he pauses
"gay Emma"he replies his shoulders falling and finally his eye-line connecting with mine.
My jaw hits the floor.
There are well over a millions question marks racing through my head at this moment.
"But - wait- the party- all through high school- Becca?!"My speech doesn't even make sense to me.
"I know I know it doesn't make much sense"he nods his head in understanding.
"How long have you known?" I question my face still frozen from shock.
"A while now ,since about late middle school freshman year around that time I guess"he fiddles with his fingers nervously in his lap.
"But the party?"
"I thought that in high school the reason I felt different was because I hadn't kissed anyone or had a girlfriend so that's when I started trying to like girls.But I felt nothing and I thought that I just hadn't found the right girl yet.And that's where you came in.I instantly liked you , only now I know not in that way.So I sort of forced myself to be with you , thinking those feelings will eventually come but when they didn't I started to freak out.So I tried with the other girl I knew the best-"
"Becca" I mutter.
"Yes Becca.But I didn't feel right with her either so I thought maybe it was you all along , I just didn't know it yet.But of course by this point you were with knock off Chris Hemsworth so i Knew you wouldn't choose to kiss me so I kissed you-"
"No Daniel you forced me to kiss you"I correct him.
"Yeah sorry about that.Anyways I had to be sure so I kissed you that night at your party , and when I didn't feel anything that's when I knew.I was gay.Thats when I knew for sure anyhow.And now I know 100% because I kissed a guy Emma, and it was perfect".
It still felt strange to hear those words coming out of my Ex-Ex boyfriends mouth.
"Well I'm happy for you Daniel I really am".
"Thank you you don't understand how good that is to hear from you".

I sit down next to him burying my face in my hands.
Daniel is the last person I expected to be bawling my heart out too.
"So that's why I came here and spoke to him,"Daniel takes a crumpled note out of his pocket and hands it to me "he wants you to meet him here".
I unfold the note and read it .
It's our picnic spot in the park .
"Okay I will go but if this goes wrong it's all your fault".

I slowly walk up the huge iron gates which are now wide open with white roses all over them.I tip toe further and see a blanket laid out on the floor with cushions and strawberries when I hear a voice behind me.
I see Nick holding a bouquet of white roses "Emma you came".
"Yeah "I reply awkwardly .
He gestures for me to sit down on the blanket.I sit on the cushion next to him and he places the flowers down.
"Emma I have a lot of talking to do ,"he sighs and looks up at me "Emma I can't believe what I did to you ,I was so cruel and I didn't even let you explain ,I made you feel horrible and just left you alone on the street and kicked you out of the Hilton.I ruined your dream trip that you have wanted since you were young and was a horrible person ,if you can't forgive me I will understand ".
"Nicks it's just,"I sigh"you didn't trust me or believe me and you ended our relationship so quickly ,plus I had know here to go and had to fly home alone ".
"I know and I can't tell you how sorry I am".
"But how do I know you won't do this again "I feel a tear fall down my cheek.
"Emma I promise I will never hurt you again and I won't let anyone else,and I hate my self for what I did".
"You ended things Nick not met , your the one who told me to get lost "I whisper biting my lip to stop the flow of tears .
"I know and I can't believe what I did just please trust me "
I don't know what to do .but I think and then the words just spill out of my mouth.
Nick smiles and tears start streaming down my face.
"Hey don't cry,I'm so sorry I did this too you"Nick wipes away my tears.
"Yes"he replies.
"Why did you hate me in New York?"I ask.
"Emma I could never hate you and I never will".
And without thinking I kissed him,and he kisses me back passionately.Only one thought comes to my head while I kiss him,I have missed you so much .

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