Chapter 17

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Chapter 17:

Bailey's P.O.V

I opened the door and was faced with silence, Pure Silence. That's weird for a house full of vampires. I crept upstairs after locking the door. i was trying to be as silent as possible. I walked down the landing. Past the lads room's. Then i stand on a old floor board and it creeks. I'm fucked. I try to carry on, hoping none of them heard. "What Time do you call this?" Liam voice rang threw the hallway. "I'm sorry please don't tell the lads" I whispered with puppy dog eyes.

"It's ok I'll let you off" He smiled. "Thank you  Liam bro" I whisper and hugged him. I walked into my room and got into my Night clothes. Its Saturday tomorrow finally and then we have a week off. There was a knock at my window. My head shot round to see... Niall. He smiled and waved. I opened the window and her climbed in looking around the room. "I like your room. Very blue." he commented chuckling. "I like it too" I whispered. Vampires have super hearing please tell me their asleep. He walked around the room nodding. "Yes it's nice" He smiled. I shook my head silently laughing. I yawned because i was tired. I laid on my bed Niall was still in the room. "Are you just going to stand their??" I asked him. "No sorry i was day dreaming well night dreaming now" He walked towards the bed sitting down. I laughed i put my head on his chest as he laid down. "This is nice" I whispered. "Yes it is I'm in your house the same house as the Louis Tomlinson and he doesn't know and he isn't trying to rip me apart"  started laughing. I yawned again. "Niall you can stay if you like" I said. He thought then nodded. "Ye id like that" He did his cheeky smile. I cuddled closer to him slowly drifting off to sleep
I woke to find niall staring at me. "Morning princess" He said. I put my fingers on his lips pointing to my ear to tell him to be quiet because the boys will hear . He nodded. He kissed my forehead then whispered into my ear. "I'll see you the same time tonight" He pulled away and i nodded, He jumped out the window and was gone. I put my necklace on then opened my door. i smell coffee and sausage butty's. Sound. i run out my room. Pause. I walk back in and sought out my hair, well i put it into a bun. I run downstairs screaming sausage. I run into the kitchen and fall over whacking my head on the island in the middle. I fall over and rub my head. owwwwws. I moan in pain. I hear the lads laughing. I slap my hand on the top of the island and lift myself  up laughing. All the lads were laughing to.
I feel so happy after last night. "Morning" i say i holding my head.
I grab a plate and sausage. and ate. and ate and ate. They were so nice.
The lads stood and looked at me. I smiled at them. "Bailey what time did you get in last night then??" Harry asked. I looked at Liam. He gave me a sorry look. "It wasn't 8 we rang you and texted you so what time did you get it??" Harry asked again. I looked down and mumbled "10 past ten" i whispered "What??" Louis asked. "10 past ten" I shouted. Louis sighed " Were you with Niall" Louis questioned.

I looked down and nodded.  "Wait a minute", Louis whispered. They all smelled the air. A growl came from their mouths. "Niall" Liam said through gritted teeth. They Vampire speeded up to my room. I ran as fast as i could but i wasn't as fast as them. When i got upstairs they were stood in front of my bed. Louis was holding. Oh shit he was holding Niall's jacket. Niall why did you forget your jacket. I groaned rolling my eyes, "You thought you would sneak him in while we were asleep". I shook my head "I was by myself when i came in even ask lia- oooppps" I put my hand over my mouth. They looked at Liam. "What" He said, "You knew she had come in and didn't wake us up" Louis said. Liam scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry" He said shrugging his shoulders. "We have got to sought this invite him and his friends for dinner" Louis ordered. I looked at him shocked. Please end well today.

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